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Strangers in the Night

It's time to get into full swing for the shopping blitzkrieg of the holidays. I managed to shop a bit on online this morning, very successfully I may add! It's great way to shop when the only thing you have to park is your rear end into a chair! It was just as well I stayed home. I was a bit bleary eyed from having another late night episode with Ozzie! He woke me around 3:00 AM with his pacing around the room. Everything is wood floors here so the clickiety clack of his nails are hard to ignore ( though somehow my husband does a very good job of it! ) I got up and stumbled over to my slippers and pulled on a sweat shirt. He usually waits for me at the top of the stair but he had already made his descent. "I'm coming Ozzie, wait for Mom! " I said. I got downstairs and walked to the back door that leads down to the garage. Not noticing where he was I approached the door when all of a sudden I slide into second base! "Whoa!" I grabbed for a li…

Day of Thankfulness and not so Traditional Cooking!

Thanksgiving is almost here and I have to still run around and get a few more items to complete my shopping list. It never seems like there is enough time probably due to my little habit of time mismanagement! We are having a smaller crowd than usual this year which required only one 15 pound turkey. Last year we had two turkeys and my husband and his friends Vinnie and Lenny thought it would work out better if we roasted them on the gas grill outdoors using the rotisserie. Some how they manage to tie up both turkeys at the stake which weighed in at 30 plus pounds! It certainly would have made any boy scout proud they way they wrapped and knotted the unsuspecting poultry to it's spike-let! I had my doubts but was doubly assured this would work fine! As the big birds struggled to make their rotation over the grill I watched skeptically from inside with my Dad. A few minutes had passed when my father calmly stated " I think you have a fire out there!" Well sure enoug…

Uga Vll goes to the Dog House in the Sky!

It was in the news yesterday that Uga Vll passed away unexpectedly! Uga is the famed white bulldog, University of Georgia mascot. He was only four years old! His owner Frank "Sonny" Seiler said " Uga woke up Thursday morning and did not seem to be feeling well." They have an on call veterinarian who immediately came to the home and took Uga to the veterinary hospital but alas too late! It is believed he died from congestive heart failure. Uga has been the mascot since he had to fill the shoes of his father in August 2008. He was the school's winningest mascot with a 87 - 27 record. He was a dignified and well behaved bullie that roamed the sidelines with his little "G" jersey. A replacement has not been announced yet and a wreath will be laid on Uga's doghouse in the stadium. Ozzie has not yet applied for the job but since he is red and white that would probably exclude from consideration. Besides Ozzie is a Rutgers fan anyway! I am …

Dancing Dog Debut

I came across online this morning an English Bulldog named Deezel that is just amazing, at least by bulldog standards! He participates in agility testing and freestyle dance competitions! I can't even get Ozzie to walk to the corner just to relieve himself on the fire hydrant. Bulldogs just don't do competitions like that! He must have a gene from a Lab or Collie in him! I wouldn't want to make Ozzie feel bad about himself but the likely hood of him doing any of these stunts, well you have a better chance at seeing me run in the NYC marathon next year! Now if they had canine competition for snoozing on the couch or the most prolific pooper then Ozzie may have a chance of wining! Sorry ole dog you will never be a contender like Deezel but you will always be in a champion in this household!

Check this bullie out!

Ozzie's Faux Poo !

What a beautiful weekend here in NJ we had! On Saturday we met a group of good friends in the city to stroll around the Village and have dinner at a Argentinian steakhouse. It was an all day event and since our son was not going to be home at all we had to arrange for our neighbors, Al and Clare to doggy sit Ozzie! Now they really like Oz and have watched him once before when we went to a wedding! I felt a little guilty about asking then to sit again but my husband assured me that they don't mind and would be happy to do it! So around 2:00 in the afternoon we brought him over with all his doggy paraphernalia. We thanked them profusely and made a quick exit while Ozzie was distracted! The plan was for then to have him until around 9:00 PM when they would drop him off home and we would arrive shortly after! Well we got home and everything seemed to go as planned. Ozzie was waiting for us shaking his little rear in bulldog glee! There was a little pee pee on our oriental ru…

All I Need is the Air That I Breath.......

Last night was a struggle for my olfactory senses! Given the fact that Ozzie was tooting up a storm while he slept! I know that Bulldogs are infamous for their flatulent abilities. Ozzie was always the occasional tooter. Letting one out at the most inappropriate moments! Saturday night was like a symphony of sorts! I think my husband was giving the Oz some competition as well! I thought for sure they would find me asphyxiated in my bed the next morning! You have to really love the bulldog, between the gas and the snoring at night. It makes him a challenging dog to own! Though Bulldog fans would not have it any other way. They are so charming and appealing you can forgive them for a whole slew of sins! Well excuse me now while I go open some windows and air the place out! Cleaning the canvas sort of speak for Ozzie's next work of fart!

The Pirate and the Wolfman

Monday morning finds me reeling from my weekend sugar high. Just like a methadone program for heroine addicts I am stepping down and eating only one bag of Raisinets for breakfast! Halloween was fun with unseasonably warm temperatures near 70 degrees! Ozzie had a blast giving out candy to the kiddies! He was dressed up as a pirate, we called him Captain Le Woof! The pirate hat lasted about 5 seconds, definitely too small for his big head! Though he finally surrendered to wearing the cape which made him look very dashing! Parents delighted at taking pictures of the Oz with their kids! ( maybe I should charge them next year..hmmmm?! ) I think on Sunday Ozzie was wondering were all the kids went as paced back and forth by the front door?! My husband didn't really dress up but insisted on wearing his pumpkin beret! He looked like a homeless man with a pumpkin on his head. Good look dear! Though I must say if we were giving out prizes for best family costume it has to go to my…

Rainy Days and Tuesdays Always Get Me Down!

It is one of those rainy days where if you don't have to be somewhere you are better off just hunkering down and reading a good book while baking some cookies! Ozzie seems to feel that way today. I can't seem to motivate him to do much of anything! He just got off of the couch only to wander over to his blanket in the office. I tried to entice him to play with his rope and rubber bone! No go! Maybe he is perfectly content and I should just leave him the heck alone! Yawn! Hey Oz move over and let me lie down too! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Beach Blanket Bulldog

Sunday was a beautiful Autumn day, just ripe for getting out and enjoying the weather and the stunning Fall foliage! My husband Mark and I took a ride down to the Jersey shore with Ozzie to attend the 5th Annual Belmar Beach Bulldog Bash! Wow talk about Bulldog overload! It was a great day on the beach and the folks from the MidAtlantic Bulldog rescue sponsored the event! Ozzie was greeted by dozens of his brethren of all sizes and colors! What a great opportunity to get together with other bulldog owners and talk bull! Ozzie if not the biggest bulldog was one of the top three in the weight category! Only to be over sized by one that was 78 and 82 pounds respectively. Ozzie also had his first taste of sand and surf. Daring the waters edge he got his paws wet and so did we! Talk about photo opt! I took a few but it was challenging with my camera! ( this is a hint for my husband to get me a new one for Christmas !) A lot of folks seemed to be charmed with Ozzie as he casually wa…

Dirty Dog No More!

Well I took Ozzie to be groomed yesterday for the first time since we had him. His only bath with us was the outdoor version with the garden hose! Since the weather no longer allows for it I decided to take him to our local Petsmart where they have grooming facilities. When I dropped him off he didn't look too happy but went in to the "salon" willingly. I asked the gal at the desk how long would he be. I thought it be an hour at the most and I would just peruse the aisles of the DSW shoe outlet next door! " Oh it will take at least 3 hours. Leave us your cell phone number and we will call you when he is ready." Whoa, I had no clue it would take so long. After all he is short haired and there is no clipping involved?! Okay I guess but I felt bad to leave him there for that length of time! I went about my day and around 3:00 I thought "Wow he's been there since 12:30 so why don't I mosey on down." When I arrived I went inside and asked …

Brisket Bomb and Balloon Boy

I am waking up this morning to the faint smell of brisket that permeated my house yesterday. Not that it's a bad thing, I actually think it is a comforting smell from some comfort food. It would of been the perfect meal for a rainy Sunday afternoon but the culinary gods had their own plans! I purchased a lovely piece of brisket, 1st cut, from Fairway. It was 3.5 pounds of stunning beef! I was going to take that baby home and give it, its proper due! I decided to use my crock pot for the cooking method. So after seasoning and browning it in a pan I plunked it in with broth and red wine for it's cooking journey. Five hours later ( cooked on high setting ) I proudly pulled it out of the pot. As I sliced into the meat I noticed it resisted some! Hm not a good sign. I turned out to be as tough as shoe leather though the gravy was tasty and so were my garlic mashed potatoes! I am not sure who to blame the crock pot or me. Either way I think the winner in all this is Ozz…

Sounds of Silence

I have removed the music selections from my blog due to several requests. Apparently "Who let the dogs out?!" bombards you when you arrive at the blog and most folks are not sure how to turn the music off (?) so I eliminated it. I rather you all have quiet thoughts than be annoyed by George Thorogood screaming to you that you are bad to the bone! Meanwhile I am quite tired from my 3:30 AM adventure. I originally got up to go to the bathroom where on exiting the powder room I knocked over a glass bottle of Bath & Body Works hand lotion that landed directly on my pinkie toe! I stifled every curse word known to man and that is when my boy Ozzie awoke from his snoring slumber. He gave me that why don't' we go potty look since your up?! So it was the backyard for me as I hobbled there with my swollen toe! Of course he delights in taking his time and stopping to chew on a fallen branch for a bit. Again I stifle every curse word know to man as I wave a dog bis…

Costume Quest and Candy Dangers!

I went the other day to one of the local Halloween stores that have been popping up in buildings that fell victim to the economy ( i.e. Circuit City, Tower Records ). I saw that there were few costumes left in the XL size category so in my desperation I grabbed a Yoda costume for Ozzie. I brought it home and my son Will and I tried it on him. Well with it's dangling fake arms and robe etc it was just too much costume and distraction for Oz! He attempted to bite the arms and wiggled his Yoda ears off. It was a good laugh for us! I guess that it is not going to work out! I have until the 15th to return it only for something else in the store. What that something else is I have no idea! That brings me to the subject of Halloween treats. As we are well aware that the day is going to be a candy bonanza and we have to keep a watch on the forever famished bulldog who will eat cardboard if it looks enticing enough! You may already know that chocolate can make a dog very ill, b…

Back on the Blog Again!

Sorry I have been away from the blog so long! We had a little computer malfunctioning going on and my husband took it to a friend of his who is an IT specialist to have some PC doctoring done! Turns out we has 165 viruses that were bogging us down that had to be cleaned out! How you get that many viruses I don't know! Certainly if it was human it would of been in the ICU with a very dim prognosis! Anyhow it's up and running and better than before! To get back to last week when we were leaving Ozzie with our neighbors, Al and Claire for the evening. We took him over around 3:00 PM and stood there chatting in their living room for a moment. He knew that this whole set up was strange and that we were definitely up to something! We quickly exited and ran into the car as not to lend ourselves to long goodbyes. It turned out he was very good for them. He amused himself with their cat YoYo who he curiously sniffed and promptly was swatted in the snoot! Then as YoYo went up t…

Reviewing Rescue Ink

The other night I watched the new show on the NatGeo channel "Rescue Ink". This group of guys you wouldn't want to mess with! They are all big boys built like brick houses and they are very passionate about animals and their well being. On one segment of the show they came to the aid of a man who was severely injured by a group of thugs in his neighborhood in the Bronx. He has three pit bulls and the jerks that attacked him got him one day when the dogs weren't with him. He was hospitalized with a fractured skull and the boys of Rescue Ink came to his aid! The man was sneaking out of the hospital to go to his apartment and feed his dogs. He was more concerned about his beloved animals than himself. Rescue Ink went to his apartment where the dogs had been for several days without food ( yikes! ) and carefully lured them out. They had arranged with a local shelter to house them until the poor guy was released from the hospital. This man was so grateful that…

Night of the Nose Licker

Well here I am a little groggy from last night. Oz woke us up again though this time he was ferociously licking his nose instead of his paws. I had to "talk" him down from it. I petted him and reassured him all was right in his doggie world and that he had to lay down. This seemed to work as he went back to sleep?! I believe that Ozzie could become a mascot for the Olympic OCD team! If they had one! Would that be like one person obsessively putting items in order then washing their hands repeatedly?! At any rate that brings me to the subject of Bulldogs being the most accepted symbol of athletic teams in the United States. Since the bulldog has the reputation of ferocious loyalty and tenacity ( a nice way of saying they are stubborn as a mule! ) it only seems a natural choice. The most famous mascots are probably Handsome Dan of Yale University and Uga, the University of Georgia's bulldog. They are there on the field representing their teams at every game. U…

I am Captain of my Ship!

Well back to Monday I suppose. The weekend was busy however and weather wise you could not ask for two more perfect days! We were invited up to our friends house, Ed and Marilyn, who have a lovely home right on Greenwood Lake. We took advantage of the great weather and went for a ride in their motorboat. Of course Ozzie came with us and I was a little apprehensive of him going in the boat. Since bulldogs have a reputation of a none swimmer and considering Ozzie is built like an anchor I was in a bit of turmoil over it. Ed put a regular life jacket on him which looked quite comical since it had to go on backwards. It seemed to fit him perfectly that way and this put my concerns to rest a little bit! Mark and Ed hoisted him into the boat and we were off. I couldn't really tell if he enjoyed it or not. It was a short ride up and down the lake and toward the end he fell asleep at Mark's feet. I don't know if he did this because the motion of boat put him under or it …

Paw - don Me!

I was awaken last night by the most frightening sound! It was similar to a freight train running off the track or as forbid the thought a 737 landing on top of our house! ( We unfortunately live next to several major airports! ) " Wait a minute!" as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes......I could see that it was coming from Ozzie! He was licking his paw with great intensity making horrid snorting, gagging noises as he continued his business! "Ozzie stop that!" I cried. He went on like he was in some kind of canine trance! My husband woke up to the melee and said "What the heck is that noise!" "It's Ozzie!" I said. " Make him stop!" Mark walked around and stood over Ozzie and in a sharp commanding alpha male voice said "Ozzie cut that out now!" Ozzie stared up at Mark like he was just in some other doggie dimension! He thankfully stopped and at 4:00 AM we managed to get back to sleep. Needless to say this morning …
Over the weekend we visited friends Terri and Dan, who have been attempting to have a final BBQ of the summer gathering! I say attempting because when they plan the party, it seems that each weekend it decides to rain! It has not been the most cooperative summer weather wise here in the northeast! So of course it did rain but they forged ahead and had a wonderful party despite the weather! Ozzie was invited too and you know anything that has to do with food and he is there! They have a wonderful Labradoodle appropriately named Tank. He is a big wiry boy and very sweet! He greeted Oz with some boisterous barking and was a good host. The rain stopped enough so they could play tug of war outside for a bit. They had some fun together and other than Ozzie's faux pas of eating from Tank's food dish all was well! Thanks guys for having us!

Farewell to a Friend!

I received some sad news this weekend. My friend Debbie emailed me that Knuckles had suddenly passed away. He was a wonderful little bully who was cherished by his owner and made countless people smile with his many hats and his visits to hospitals and libraries in our area! I know that Ozzie and I will miss him. Maybe if we can get Ozzie going as a therapy dog he will carry on in the tradition of Knuckles work! My condolences to Debbie, it's difficult to lose a pet especially a bully as sweet as Knuckles.!
I happen to catch a commercial the other day for a new show on the NatGeo channel. It's called Rescue Ink. They are a bunch of big burly tattooed biker dudes that rescue abused and neglected animals. They seem a bit intimidating and I am sure their techniques are a little over the top but hey more power to them. Certainly some of these animal abusers deserve to have their butts kicked though I am sure that these guys are operating within the confines of the law. ( …

Dressing up the Dog?!

The month of September signals the end of summer and the start of the Fall season. With that also comes thoughts of Halloween! There are displays in all the stores advertising candies and costumes. ( yes rudely enough some stores are hinting at Christmas, they should be arrested for that !) This led me to wonder what should Ozzie be for Halloween?! It falls on a Saturday this year so I suspect that there will be an all day onslaught of trick or treater's! How neat would it be for the kids to be greeted by the Oz in some whimsical costume?! I asked my son Will if he had any ideas and he came up with a couple good ones! He suggested that Ozzie sort of resembles the late great Yankee Babe Ruth in stature! We could dress him up in pinstripes and get a fake cigar and call him "Babe Woof" I have had trouble finding a Jersey in his size, apparently they only make them for smaller doggies. ( Of course it needs to be XL for proper fit! ) Will also came up with an old ti…

Good Bye Summer!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend. Ozzie and I watched the kids this morning as they begrudgingly with their back pack and lunches in hand walked to school! (Sigh..) We had a nice weekend filled with good friends and good food. Of course Ozzie accompanied us, going to Uncle Peter and Aunt Lydia's house on Saturday and a BBQ at Uncle Lenny's on Sunday! Let's say he had his fair share of food! He lavishly dined on some fillet Mignon that Auntie Lydia gave him and Uncle Lenny and Uncle Vinnie kept his plate fill with Roast Pork Loin at the BBQ ( no hot-dogs for this hot-dog! ) He almost had an Oreo cake to himself if it were not for the fast reflexes of Uncle Lenny! ( good catch Len! ) Well now it time to undo some of those calories! We must get Ozzie into shape for the upcoming Therapy Dog testing! I have my doubts if he will pass because there are 10 steps of the test he must complete and there are 4 of them he is a little shaky on! Especially s…

Clanton Advertiser | Working like a dog

Check out this story about a bully named J.R. that loves to go to work every day with his owner!

Clanton Advertiser | Working like a dog

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Knuckles Pays a Visit!

Yesterday Ozzie had a wonderful time with his friend Knuckles! Knuckles came over to get acquainted and Ozzie was a most gracious host! As I had mentioned in a previous post we met Knuckles mom, Debbie through the MidAtlantic Bulldog Rescue. She has been doing therapy work with him, visiting patients in nursing homes and going to libraries where they have reading to dogs programs for kids. Oz and Knuckles make quite the pair! Knuckles is only 30 petite pounds next to Ozzie's massive 74 pounds! They are like David and Goliath! They had fun hanging out on the deck and sharing a biscuit or two! The picture I captured of the two of them looks like Knuckles just told Ozzie some Bulldog joke that was hilarious! Feeling inspired by the work that Debbie does with Knuckles I will see if we can register for the next therapy dog certification test. There are still some elements of the test that we still haven't mastered! Like "down" and "stay"! Probably impo…

For Your Listening Pleasure!

I have added a playlist of music to my blog. It has some noteworthy bully tunes on it you may enjoy! I especially like "I got a Bulldog" by a county folk group called Sweet Brothers & Ernest Stoneman. It's a wee bit folksy and it reminds me of the "Darlings" the back woods jug band that use to pop up on the Andy Griffith show. I stuck in there the song "Linger" by the Cranberries. You may ask what it the bulldog connection to that?! Well it is sort of an ode to bully farts! Besides I like the song! I will work on aligning it a bit better in the sidebar column. It was a challenge to just add it in there, so forgive me on that for a while! Today Knuckles is coming over to visit Ozzie. He is the therapy bully who's mom we met through the rescue. He is going to walk with Ozzie and hopefully encourage him to ease on down the road! I will update you on that event tomorrow ( with some pictures too!).

"I'll Have Cheese on those Fries!"

So yesterday was the big weigh in day. While Ozzie was not the biggest loser he was not the biggest gainer either! Yes he stayed consistently chubby at 74.15 pounds! So lets give credit due to the boy! Still this poses the problem of what are we doing wrong or right?! Cutting down his kibble even more would be just downright starvation city for Oz! Unfortunately the key element here must be the dreaded "e" word! Yes exercise! Walks in the evening have become the battle of wills! He must be dragged and coaxed with treats in order to make the 2 block trek! Somehow that seems counter productive! Apparently his former owners never walked him! That may have been fine in the more rural area they lived in but here where our property is the size of a postage stamp some walking is necessary! I did have a brain storm of sorts, I could dress up as Mayor Mc Cheese. This way Ozzie would have incentive to chase me down the block! Hmm maybe not! That could result in serious in…

Weighing In!

When Ozzie came to us he was already a little on the ahhh...let's say chunky side! Certainly at his prior home he wasn't starved! As I have mentioned before he doesn't care for going on walks! In matter of fact he just flat out hates them. As soon as we walk out the door he plants his feet firmly on the ground and assumes the position of " I ain't gonna do it!" I have been trying to keep him on a "diet" of sorts. Reduced calorie kibble and snacks like canned pumpkin, non-fat cottage cheese. The vet pointed out that Milk Bones where high in fat so we found low fat chicken jerky! Ozzie does not seem to be the least bit phased by his portly physique! He probably refers to himself as "big boned". I came across a bulldog that may be a little bit heavier than Oz! Frankly I hope this is a result of Photo Shop not gluttony! I showed this to Ozzie and told him "You don't' want to look like this do you boy?" That should s…

EveryOne into the Pool!

With the waning days of summer we all try to get one more day at the beach or the pool into our schedule. I have found out that though bulldogs are not known to be swimmers there are many bullies out there that do enjoy the water! Friends Don and Melinda had Bullet who couldn't wait to go for a swim in the lake or at the ocean. They said he would swim out to Cuba if he could. He especially liked to body surf! Monty from the bulldog rescue has Ruby and a French bulldog Frankie and a pug, Adrienne that all adore the water. They were upstate NY by Lake Placid this month where they all got their paws wet. He does have a life jacket ( which is recommended ) for Ruby but she prefers to skinny dip, so they have to be very watchful when she is in the water! Now as for Ozzie I have my doubts. The fact that he is a wee bit over weight certainly doesn't make him the most buoyant bully around! Just taking him for a walk around the block is a challenge. Besides I don't think…

A Walk in the Bark Park

We have discovered a dog park located in the near by town of Ridgewood called the "Bark Park". I suppose most towns have caught onto this trend by making a space for dogs to run leash free in public parks. They divide it up, one side for small dogs ( up to 25 pounds ) and the other side for the big boys. We trotted Ozzie in there the other day and found a whole social network going on for dogs and their owners! Oz made the rounds with the usual doggie greeting! After sufficient butt sniffing he began to pee on anything vertical. An excited Golden Retriever came up to him as if to say " hey you wanna play with me?!" but Ozzie just plumped his rear end down on the ground and looked away. I in the meanwhile was talking with the doggie parents about what kind of food they feed their "babies" and which vacuum picks up the most fur. I definitely felt like I was part of the social click going on there, while Ozzie was not feeling the love! He was jus…
You must catch Ozzie who's pictures are featured on another blog today! The site is . I found it to be a neat place to get some bulldog information and enjoy the bully antics of Kennedy and Reagan. I'll be back tomorrow with a post titled "A Walk in the Bark Park". Stay cool you bullies!

Happy Trails to Dad!

Yesterday we had a big send off party for my Dad who has finally decided to retire at age 80! He is moving out to Oregon to live with his sister Marie on a 40 acre ranch. I don't know if you could qualify it as a ranch but she does have 3 horses, 2 cats and a toy poodle named Molly! Unfortunately it rained on and off as remnants of Hurricane Bill blew past the east coast so it was largely an indoor event. It got kinda hot and sticky in the house even though we had the air on down to 60 degrees! We had a good sized crowd and with the stove going it was sauna like. As you can imagine it was not a good hair day! Thank God my cousin Annie is a caterer who specializes in barbecue was on hand to help me pull off this gig ( to whom I give my gratitude. Otherwise we all just be eating hot dogs and hamburgers with Shop-Rite potato salad) ! On the menu was barbecued brisket, pulled pork, potato salad, pasta salad, steamed clams, linguine and crab sauce ( to die for! ) and desserts tha…

Burn Baby Burn!

Yes it looks like a disco inferno took place on our lawn! Our backyard while not spacious was once a lush healthy green! This morning while I gaze across the landscape I see a big yellow patch of what was once grass. Ozzie's preference is to take his daily pees in the privacy of his yard. While this makes it easier on us and him ( he rather not walk if at all possible! ) its created a problem I cannot remedy! It's lawn burn in the first degree and there are some solutions I found on the Internet. One should saturate the area with water every time they urinate. ( Well our back yard hose is not working and I be darned if I am gonna drag the hose out from the front each time he pees. I'll just pray for rain! ) You can plant urine resistant grasses such as rye and fescues ( My husband fired the landscaper because he thought he could do just as good of a job. Needless to say the lawn hasn't been the same since. He couldn't get weeds to grow! ) There are pro…

The Boys of Moonshine

I happened to be watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel the other day when they had a most interesting episode! He and Anthony Bourdain another Travel Channel Chef/celeb went local and visited a bar in the Redhook section of Brooklyn called Moonshine. The element that caught my attention was the place is patrolled by two bulldogs! It's a regulars joint that features country bands and bulldog decor and you can play pool for free on Sundays! They serve a lot of locally brewed beers and there is an unspoiled charm about it! They have a neat garden area in the back where they supply the grill if you supply the meat. BYOM! I emailed Nick who owns the adorable bullies and he told me their names are Boss and Topper. They are 10 years old and brothers! I think we will try to make it there if only just to visit the bullies! In the meanwhile if you have a hankering for beer and do it yourself BBQ with a shot of bulldogs then take a trip out to Brooklyn and…


Sleeping may be the favorite past time of the bulldog! They do it so well and with such style! Nothing is more soothing to my ears than the full throttle, 500 decibel, ear crushing snore of my Ozzie! I have updated the video bar with some of Ozzie's brethren cutting wood like only bullies can. I wonder if Breathe Right has a canine strip! They could make a bundle just from Bulldog owners! Sweet dreams all!

Thinking About Adopting?!

I just wanted to take time to thank the folks at the MidAtlantic Bulldog Rescue! This is where we adopted Ozzie from! They work tirelessly to rescue and find homes for bulldogs that have been surrendered to them. Many need immediate veterinary care! One of the principal members Joanne has even driven down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to rescue a bully who had severe injuries to his legs! If that is not love and dedication I don't know what is! So if you decide you want to become a parent to a bully and live in the NJ/PA/MD/DE area please contact MABD.

Vick Still One Up on His Dogs

After serving 18 months in prison and his personal lost of millions, Michael Vick gets a second chance for fame and fortune with the NFL. Signed on for a 1 year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles at 1.6 million dollars and an option for a second year he is doing better than he should!

It always amazes me that society seems to reward those that do not deserve it. I guess in this case money talks and the NFL still sees Vick as a big bonanza of revenue! For a man who had every thing and ventured in the dog fighting arena shows a lack of intelligence and humanity!

An on line pet store called Hot Dog Collars which specializes in sports team themed pet products has recently discontinued selling Eagles pet paraphernalia. They now accept donations to the Philadelphia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Bravo! Hopefully the rest of the city of brotherly love will turn their backs on Vick! He may have paid his dues to society but to dog lovers the score will never be sett…

Sharing Some Bull with Friends

What a wonderful community of folks Bulldog owners are! I know some people, friends of a friend that have been emailing me with Bulldog tips. They are on Bulldog number three so I consider them experts of sort! I would like to share with you their advice since I have found it most insightful. So here are some excerpts from Don & Melinda out of Texas:
If you are talking about the fold of skin across the top of his nose, that is called his “rope.” Actually, we just learned that when we got our new puppy (Walter). His brother had a very prominent rope and they sometimes need to be removed or trimmed down. As for walks, ours love to go for walks but they have to be very short ones. The biggest fear you have with bullies is that they overheat. They love to lay in the sun but can unknowingly get heat stroke while doing that so don’t let them do anything in the sun for any length of time. Too much cold can mess with them, too. For such big, burly dogs, they can be quite fragile. We ha…

Working it!

It is going to be a chore to get Ozzie to lose some tonnage! He really detests to walk and he really loves to eat! We have tried nonfat plain yogurt to nonfat cottage cheese to only the whites of his morning hard boiled egg! He does manage to get anything that hits the floor food or otherwise. However he seems to have a penchant for paper which probably is zero points according to Weight Watchers!We saw that he was unusually rambunctious tonight so we decided to try going for a walk. We went down the cross streets which are shorter blocks for his sake. He begrudgingly waddled along for a bit and then the smells of an impending rainstorm and dog urine got him going! As we got to end of the third block we feared that he we would have to carry him back or call a cab! Luckily a terrier came along and then a pug which enticed him to follow along leading us back to the house! He has been sucking wind for the last 30 minutes but I think it's a good start to a slimmer Ozzie!

Coming Clean

This installment is not a tell all. Unless knowing that I stole Beth Silverberg's pen in the third grade does something for you! She was a know it all and teacher's pet anyways! Actually we gave Ozzie a bath yesterday since it was super hot here and an opportunity to wash and dry in the outdoors! He was surprisingly cooperative! Or it may have been fear that kept him frozen to one spot! He was very dapper looking after his drenching! I believe he smells a little less "doggie"! Though you need to be mindful to not get your bully's eyes, ears and nose wet. It is suggested to clean his face separately which we all do daily anyways. Curious enough due to their upturned noses water can easily enter the nose and drip into the lungs. A Bulldog can drown in a relatively small amount of water so be careful not to get water in his nose! I told my son this while were bathing him and he looked at me like I was totally paranoid! "I rather be safe than sorry …

Words of Wisdom from Ozzie

If it smells like it!

Dog Tags Chewy Shoe

Yesterday I was watching Oprah and ( oops you caught me yes I admit to becoming an Oprah junkie! ) and they were doing a show on animals and our relationships with them. They had a segment that was on "Puppies Behind Bars" an organization that has inmates training puppies to become service dogs for soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. What a wonderful situation for those men! Doing time, behind bars and feeling hopeless in a sense and then being given an opportunity to give back to society! These inmates whom I am sure have lead less than stellar lives are for the first time feeling good about themselves while having the companionship of a dog and the knowledge that they are doing something of value! The soldiers that receive these dogs some with physical disabilities or emotional are getting back to good with the aid of these animals. The actress Glenn Close was on and endorsing this program while encouraging folks to purchase the Dog tag Chewy Shoe toy. It&#…

Weighing in on Ozzie

We were lucky to receive Ozzie is such good health. At 2 years old he is a vigorous strapping example of a Bulldog. He did however test positive for Lyme's disease with a high bacterial count so our vet put him on doxycycline for 21 days. He had no outward symptoms and has completed his meds so he is in the clear. It's been a damp summer to say the least and ticks and mosquitoes have flourished! Oz does need to lose weight however! He should weigh in around 65 pounds or so and currently is tipping the scale at 74.6 pounds. When he went to the vets for a recheck on Monday he was down a whole pound! So give credit its due! It's a challenge to get him to slim down especially since he detests to do any walking. If he could he would request the town move the fire hydrant from our corner to in front of our house! It is simply exhausting!Maybe with our new goal for training for the Canine Good Citizen's Test we can work on the walking thing! We thought his would be …

Skateboarding doggie

I put some video up of Tillman the now famous skateboarding Bulldog. He is a trip to watch! Ozzie's comment was that Tillman was a show off and he could do that with his eyes close taking his afternoon nap at the same time! The only part I believe is the afternoon nap which he is an expert at. Not to mention the morning nap too!

Birthday Shopping Spree with the OZ

For Ozzie's birthday we took him to Petsmart to get some needed supplies. I always thought that the folks who took their dogs to the pet store were a little wacky and I would never engage in such foolishness! Well I guess I have joined the ranks of the wacky! Yes with Ozzie in tow we were on our way! Oz seems to be a celebrity of sorts because every time we have been there the cashier and clerks rush up to him! ( No autographs please! ) The one cashier, Lisa, keeps his picture on her cellphone and greets him with "How is my Ozzie boy today?!" He is very cool and casual around other dogs in the store. He shows initial interest and after the typical canine greetings goes on his way!
Today we were looking for a pet ramp for him. He is a big boy and at 73 pounds larger than your average male bully! I definitely cannot pick him up without the aid of a crane and get him into our SUV so someone had suggested a ramp!
As Mark went to search for this I stood by the chec…

Birthday Dog

From Ozzie: Today the humans declare is my birthday! I am two years old. Why I don't feel a day over 6 months! I hope they give me a cake, better yet a steak would be nice!

Ozzie Comes to Town Part Deux

I was given the number of the foster family where Ozzie would be over the weekend so I gave them a call. I got hold of Monty a person who loves dogs and volunteers his home for fostering rescues and owner of a Bulldog named Ruby ( a rescue ) and two Pugs and one French Bulldog. He had received Ozzie Friday evening from his family and had already fallen for him. " He is a big mush. A very sweet dog you are going to love him!" said Monty. "I will be around all weekend come and see him, and if it works out you may be able to take him home with you!" I was excited about the prospect and told him we could be there Sunday. When I got off the phone I told my husband who was interested but held reservations. "Look, if the dog doesn't like us and visa versa then we are not taking him!" Yeah, yeah all bark and no bite I thought!
It worked out that we would take my Dad with us because on the way to Monty's was the nursing home where his sister was …

Ozzie Comes to Town!

It was early in 2009 that I decided it was time to get a dog. My cat of 16 years has passed away in October of CRF (Chronic Renal Failure) after a long brave battle and thousands of dollars in veterinarian costs. She was a joy and a very sweet kitty I may say! Heart broken I went though several months of missing her when I started to think of the dog thing! My husband Mark was dead set against it! "No way, we work, we travel a dog will never fit into our lifestyle!" Well he had very logical points but I wasn't thinking logically I was thinking with my heart! I had a dog before and know all the ramifications of dog ownership! Rushing home after work or going out and looking at my watch towards the end of the evening. The walks in 20 degree weather waiting for him to pick just the right spot to do his business! Cleaning mounds of poo in the back yard and the occasional pee-pee accident! Yeah its not all that glamorous! All that aside there is something special …

Getting Started

I have been tempted for a long time to blog but always though better of it. About three weeks ago we adopted a 2 year old male bulldog named Ozzie from a local Bulldog Rescue. Since then life has changed for the better I might say. He has also inspired me to brag about him in less conventional ways so what better forum than this!? Life is a journey and taking an animal companion with you is wonderful company! ( Sometimes better than human! Oh no I don't mean you dear! ) So I imagine more times than not I will be rambling on about the latest Ozzie escapade or perhaps life as he may view it.