Uga Vll goes to the Dog House in the Sky!

It was in the news yesterday that Uga Vll passed away unexpectedly! Uga is the famed white bulldog, University of Georgia mascot. He was only four years old! His owner Frank "Sonny" Seiler said " Uga woke up Thursday morning and did not seem to be feeling well." They have an on call veterinarian who immediately came to the home and took Uga to the veterinary hospital but alas too late! It is believed he died from congestive heart failure. Uga has been the mascot since he had to fill the shoes of his father in August 2008. He was the school's winningest mascot with a 87 - 27 record. He was a dignified and well behaved bullie that roamed the sidelines with his little "G" jersey. A replacement has not been announced yet and a wreath will be laid on Uga's doghouse in the stadium. Ozzie has not yet applied for the job but since he is red and white that would probably exclude from consideration. Besides Ozzie is a Rutgers fan anyway! I am sure that Uga was much more than a mascot. He was a beloved pet and he will surely be missed!


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