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Day of Thankfulness and not so Traditional Cooking!

Thanksgiving is almost here and I have to still run around and get a few more items to complete my shopping list. It never seems like there is enough time probably due to my little habit of time mismanagement! We are having a smaller crowd than usual this year which required only one 15 pound turkey. Last year we had two turkeys and my husband and his friends Vinnie and Lenny thought it would work out better if we roasted them on the gas grill outdoors using the rotisserie. Some how they manage to tie up both turkeys at the stake which weighed in at 30 plus pounds! It certainly would have made any boy scout proud they way they wrapped and knotted the unsuspecting poultry to it's spike-let! I had my doubts but was doubly assured this would work fine! As the big birds struggled to make their rotation over the grill I watched skeptically from inside with my Dad. A few minutes had passed when my father calmly stated " I think you have a fire out there!" Well sure enoug…

Uga Vll goes to the Dog House in the Sky!

It was in the news yesterday that Uga Vll passed away unexpectedly! Uga is the famed white bulldog, University of Georgia mascot. He was only four years old! His owner Frank "Sonny" Seiler said " Uga woke up Thursday morning and did not seem to be feeling well." They have an on call veterinarian who immediately came to the home and took Uga to the veterinary hospital but alas too late! It is believed he died from congestive heart failure. Uga has been the mascot since he had to fill the shoes of his father in August 2008. He was the school's winningest mascot with a 87 - 27 record. He was a dignified and well behaved bullie that roamed the sidelines with his little "G" jersey. A replacement has not been announced yet and a wreath will be laid on Uga's doghouse in the stadium. Ozzie has not yet applied for the job but since he is red and white that would probably exclude from consideration. Besides Ozzie is a Rutgers fan anyway! I am …

Dancing Dog Debut

I came across online this morning an English Bulldog named Deezel that is just amazing, at least by bulldog standards! He participates in agility testing and freestyle dance competitions! I can't even get Ozzie to walk to the corner just to relieve himself on the fire hydrant. Bulldogs just don't do competitions like that! He must have a gene from a Lab or Collie in him! I wouldn't want to make Ozzie feel bad about himself but the likely hood of him doing any of these stunts, well you have a better chance at seeing me run in the NYC marathon next year! Now if they had canine competition for snoozing on the couch or the most prolific pooper then Ozzie may have a chance of wining! Sorry ole dog you will never be a contender like Deezel but you will always be in a champion in this household!

Check this bullie out!

Ozzie's Faux Poo !

What a beautiful weekend here in NJ we had! On Saturday we met a group of good friends in the city to stroll around the Village and have dinner at a Argentinian steakhouse. It was an all day event and since our son was not going to be home at all we had to arrange for our neighbors, Al and Clare to doggy sit Ozzie! Now they really like Oz and have watched him once before when we went to a wedding! I felt a little guilty about asking then to sit again but my husband assured me that they don't mind and would be happy to do it! So around 2:00 in the afternoon we brought him over with all his doggy paraphernalia. We thanked them profusely and made a quick exit while Ozzie was distracted! The plan was for then to have him until around 9:00 PM when they would drop him off home and we would arrive shortly after! Well we got home and everything seemed to go as planned. Ozzie was waiting for us shaking his little rear in bulldog glee! There was a little pee pee on our oriental ru…

All I Need is the Air That I Breath.......

Last night was a struggle for my olfactory senses! Given the fact that Ozzie was tooting up a storm while he slept! I know that Bulldogs are infamous for their flatulent abilities. Ozzie was always the occasional tooter. Letting one out at the most inappropriate moments! Saturday night was like a symphony of sorts! I think my husband was giving the Oz some competition as well! I thought for sure they would find me asphyxiated in my bed the next morning! You have to really love the bulldog, between the gas and the snoring at night. It makes him a challenging dog to own! Though Bulldog fans would not have it any other way. They are so charming and appealing you can forgive them for a whole slew of sins! Well excuse me now while I go open some windows and air the place out! Cleaning the canvas sort of speak for Ozzie's next work of fart!

The Pirate and the Wolfman

Monday morning finds me reeling from my weekend sugar high. Just like a methadone program for heroine addicts I am stepping down and eating only one bag of Raisinets for breakfast! Halloween was fun with unseasonably warm temperatures near 70 degrees! Ozzie had a blast giving out candy to the kiddies! He was dressed up as a pirate, we called him Captain Le Woof! The pirate hat lasted about 5 seconds, definitely too small for his big head! Though he finally surrendered to wearing the cape which made him look very dashing! Parents delighted at taking pictures of the Oz with their kids! ( maybe I should charge them next year..hmmmm?! ) I think on Sunday Ozzie was wondering were all the kids went as paced back and forth by the front door?! My husband didn't really dress up but insisted on wearing his pumpkin beret! He looked like a homeless man with a pumpkin on his head. Good look dear! Though I must say if we were giving out prizes for best family costume it has to go to my…