Friday, November 9, 2018

Finally Friday and Saving Sullivan

Whoa this week swept by like a rushing river! Before you know it, it's going to  be Thanksgiving and the holiday season! I am as usual stunned by this fact and like a deer in headlights have not a direction planned for escape! So I began with sending out an email to the usual suspects to invite them all for Thanksgiving dinner. Luckily I have already hit the $400.00 mark at Shop-Rite which entitles me to a free turkey! Though it is the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dining I need to start planning the rest of the meal! I have had Thanksgiving dinner at least a dozen times but it still perplexes me how to pull it off without the usual hitches!

Sylva has taken a liken to sitting right in front of the sink so as not to miss a scrape of food that may come his way. This is going to be difficult with the holidays and there is not a place to put him except outside in the cold which I won't do. Looks like his Pop will have to be herding him and Nala out into the back 40 on days I am busy in the kitchen!

Today we came across a lost dog on our street. We were headed off to the local Lowes store when we spotted a yellow Lab casually  sniffing at a neighbors front lawn. I immediately screamed out to my husband to stop the car and carefully approached the wandering canine. He seemed friendly enough and came right over to me. Though he had no ID tag he did have a tag with an 800 number for a"Return them home" organization. Fumbling for my phone and glasses I called and the service rep who informed me that the number on the tag told him the dog's name was Sullivan. He was going to contact the owner and then call me back. In the meantime it started to rain and I didn't want to let our wayward friend  run off. I calmly enticed him into the car and he was more than happy to step out of the rain! As we drove up to the front of our house we noticed a boy briskly jogging down the street. We called out and asked him if he lost his dog and sure enough ...yup he was looking for his Lab! So we met Sean and Sullivan today who happened to live right down the block from us! Sneaky Sullivan managed to slide out the back door when no one was looking. It's good he had the tag with the 800 number but it would of been helpful if he also had one with his name and address and the owner's cell phone number.

Oh well, all is good and the weekend is here! Wishing you all a peaceful, productive weekend!

"So what's for dinner Mom?"