Friday, July 30, 2010

Ozzie's Birthday Eve

Another week has passed us by. The Summer doesn't last long enough as far as I am concerned. Although its been a hot one I never complain about the heat! I constantly remind myself about the ice and snow that hangs around for months like a bad rash. Any how, Ozzie will be turning 3 years old on Saturday! We have the birthday bully boy's agenda all set. In the morning we will take him to the Bark Park. He is good there for about an half hour. Ultimately he gets bored and will stand by the gate indicating he has had enough of the canine gathering. Then it will be off to Wholistic Paws (see link below) where he will get his choice of bully sticks or any other divine doggie treats they have there. On the menu for his birthday dinner there will be a grilled steak done to his liking. In the evening we will watch Turner and Hooch one of Ozzie's favorite movies and then a little ice cream is in order. Sounds good to me. I will let you know tomorrow what Ozzie thinks of his birthday agenda!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thunder Road and Sleepy Lane!

Last night a thunder storm rolled through the NY/NJ metro area. Maybe a little more than a thunderstorm since there were tornado warnings scrolling across the bottom of our TV. I can't remember seeing that in all my years living here! The storm came barreling in with a quite a bit of gusto! The lightening was vivid and the wind howled an unforgiving tune followed by copious amounts of rain. All during this tornadic event Ozzie slept blissfully. Snoring away with an occasional flinch he was unaffected. I guess I am lucky that he is undisturbed by it all. I know dogs that totally freak out and have to be sedated during a storm! I had a friend who had a Sheppard mix that got so panicky home alone during a storm that he busted through a screened window! I came across an article from the Humane Society that deals with tips on how to deal with dogs who have issues with thunder and lightening. There is some good information in it. For those who have dogs like Ozzie that prefer to sleep through such events consider yourselves lucky! Hm lets see what Ozzie is up to. Ozzie! Here boy! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Oh Oz there you go again!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Not!

Ozzie has now become the neighborhood ambassador. I believe he earned that title the other night. The story goes is that he was sitting on the front porch with his Pop as he usually does most evenings. This has become ritual since its too hot for him to walk and it allows him to get a dose of doggies passing by. This particular night he decided that he did not want to stay home so he got up from his prostrate position and waddled next store to our neighbors Al and Claire. My husband dutifully followed him over to their porch. Ozzie sat in front of their door until Claire came out. As she opened it Ozzie decided to go inside to give it the once over! Not a shy boy by no means! As my husband conversed with Claire her husband Al came out. Soon our neighbors down the block Tom and Pat where walking by with their dog Katie who is a cute as a button Yorkshire Terrier. They stopped to talk and join the evening soiree. I was inside cleaning up from our evening meal. I looked out to see where my husband and Ozzie had gone. Why it was a block party next store with everyone chatting and laughing. I joined the group and we where out there until lightening reared its ugly head and signaled an approaching storm. I never realized what a social butterfly Ozzie was! I so love summer when you can actually get out and get to know your neighbors instead of during the cold weather where all you get is the obligatory wave as one races from the car to their door! Keep it up Oz we need more sessions like that this summer!
I have attached a site that gives you some information concerning supplements to keep your pups immune system healthy. I found it very interesting. Of course if you have concerns about giving your dog supplements please consult your veterinarian first. I do give Ozzie yogurt which he adores and is great for the flora and fauna balance in his gut. Any way enjoy this Summer while you can its half way hoo! a day in the life of an eco-dog: Sick As A Dog? Tips on Boosting Your Pets Immune System

Friday, July 16, 2010

Salad Anyone?

Hmm you know that something is going on when you take Ozzie out to pee and then all of the sudden he's not behind you! I looked up the stairs to the deck and all I could see was bulldog butt! "Ozzie get down here now!" Something was far more interesting! I found Oz chomping on some Zinnia's in a planter. I knew he liked his veggies but this was going too far! First my grass now the flowers! Maybe Oz is crossing over to become a vegetarian?! ( Probably not! ) Everyone have a safe and cool weekend. It's going to be a scorcher! That's okay its July!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

To Pee or Not to Pee!

Mother nature took pity on us yesterday and delivered some rain to the area. More specifically to our back yard. Though we have a sprinkler system we were limited in its use and it didn't seem to make much difference anyway! I recall that during BB ( before bulldog ) it was a once a lush green oasis back there. Today it resembles Chernobyl, a vast wasteland! Okay maybe not that vast but a spotty green yard at best, with patches of amber and brown. Our July heat has had some help in its plan to destroy our lawn. Yes Ozzie has been its accomplice. He defies the leash and our walks. His urinal of choice is in the back yard. Though it is fenced and does afford him some modesty in doing his business. I will just have to learn to look over the fence into my neighbor's yard where the grass is always greener!

Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm Gonna Wash tha Oz Right out of my Rugs!

Well our rugs are clean at last! Ozzie was very upset with the disorder of the house prior to the cleaning. He would not come down the stairs yesterday morning. I had to rattle his kibble around in his dish to give him the courage to come down and eat breakfast. We are finally rid of pet stains and odors! Though I was growing use to existing side by side with the unsightliness. The one stain in the living room sort of looked like a profile of Abe Lincoln! Oh well onto a clean slate, for now. ( I'm gonna miss Abe!)
Last night we returned all of the furniture to its original location. Ozzie has now gotten over his anxiety of things being out of place. All is better in the land of Oz! Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary !

Today marks the one year anniversary of Ozzie's homecoming. It was a sunny hot July day just like today when we took that ride out to Pennsylvania to pick him up. I still remember my husband cautioning me not to get too excited if the dog didn't suit us. Leaving the possibility that we would go home without a bulldog. Then when we walked into foster dad Monty's back yard and saw Ozzie, my husband folded like a cheap lawn chair! It was truly love at first sight and there has been no turning back since. He brings us joy every day! No matter what mess he makes of our back yard or amount of fur he sheds on the carpet his presence in our lives has made us better personally! Having him has changed the way we do things and has put the kabash on some spontaneity and makes us watch the time like hawks when we go out on a Saturday night but all in all a small trade off for the privilege of having him! So a little celebration today for the Oz. Maybe a piece of steak off the grill as a treat. Here's to many more years of vacuuming up dog hair and stepping in poop in the back yard!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Ozzie just wanted to let you all know about a recent dog food recall. It is for Natural Balance dry dog food Sweet Potato and Chicken variety in the 5-28 pound bags. It was tested by the FDA and was found to be contaminated with salmonella. Bags with the best by date of June 15th are the only ones found to be infected. Below you should find the link for their website for additional information. Not that we want to bash Natural Balance. It is a very good product. I think that all pet foods like mass produced people foods have their issues from time to time. That is what the FDA is for. I also urge you to buy pet products ( foods, treats, chews etc.) made in the US. A lot of items for pets are manufactured over seas, mainly China, and they do not have to follow the same guidelines that we do here in the states.
Ozzie had his recheck at he vets yesterday and his eye infection has cleared up. He went from 79 pounds last week to 78.6 pounds this week. Hey that is some progress no matter how small!

Last but not least I want to wish you all a Happy 4th of July weekend. As you are all aware the best place for our fur friends is inside in a nice quiet air conditioned room while we humans are enjoying our fireworks celebrations. Meanwhile Ozzie is getting his beauty sleep for the morning. Enjoy the holiday! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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