Happy Independence Day!

Ozzie just wanted to let you all know about a recent dog food recall. It is for Natural Balance dry dog food Sweet Potato and Chicken variety in the 5-28 pound bags. It was tested by the FDA and was found to be contaminated with salmonella. Bags with the best by date of June 15th are the only ones found to be infected. Below you should find the link for their website for additional information. Not that we want to bash Natural Balance. It is a very good product. I think that all pet foods like mass produced people foods have their issues from time to time. That is what the FDA is for. I also urge you to buy pet products ( foods, treats, chews etc.) made in the US. A lot of items for pets are manufactured over seas, mainly China, and they do not have to follow the same guidelines that we do here in the states.
Ozzie had his recheck at he vets yesterday and his eye infection has cleared up. He went from 79 pounds last week to 78.6 pounds this week. Hey that is some progress no matter how small!

Last but not least I want to wish you all a Happy 4th of July weekend. As you are all aware the best place for our fur friends is inside in a nice quiet air conditioned room while we humans are enjoying our fireworks celebrations. Meanwhile Ozzie is getting his beauty sleep for the morning. Enjoy the holiday! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

SP&CH Dry Food

Natural Balance Website – http://www.naturalbalanceinc.com


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