Happy Anniversary !

Today marks the one year anniversary of Ozzie's homecoming. It was a sunny hot July day just like today when we took that ride out to Pennsylvania to pick him up. I still remember my husband cautioning me not to get too excited if the dog didn't suit us. Leaving the possibility that we would go home without a bulldog. Then when we walked into foster dad Monty's back yard and saw Ozzie, my husband folded like a cheap lawn chair! It was truly love at first sight and there has been no turning back since. He brings us joy every day! No matter what mess he makes of our back yard or amount of fur he sheds on the carpet his presence in our lives has made us better personally! Having him has changed the way we do things and has put the kabash on some spontaneity and makes us watch the time like hawks when we go out on a Saturday night but all in all a small trade off for the privilege of having him! So a little celebration today for the Oz. Maybe a piece of steak off the grill as a treat. Here's to many more years of vacuuming up dog hair and stepping in poop in the back yard!


  1. Happy Gotcha Day to Ozzie. I'm so glad he found such a wonderful furever home with you.

    wags, Lola

  2. Happy Happy Anniversary!! Ozzie is so lucky to have you and I know you feel so lucky to have him too! Isn't it just the best to have a bullie to love on? Their faces make me melt every day! Keep in celebrating! And thanks for visiting my blog. I can't really figure out how to answer from my blog, so I just popped onto yours! :)


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