Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Activities or Lack There of!

We are slowly recovering from a busy Memorial Day weekend. Seems like we were all over the map! Ozzie mainly stayed home in the AC cooling himself and taking his power naps. Can't say I blame him since the temps hovered around the high 80's most of the time. My husband and I and a group of our friends ventured into Manhattan to cruise the bike path for what would be our first bicycle ride of the season. The city was full of tourist who had come in for the holiday and Fleet week. Nothing else makes you feel more patriotic than to go by the Intrepid and other battleships and just gaze at them in awe of their massive presence. The pier area on the west-side was full of sailors and Marines. A perfect opportunity to shake their hands and thank them fro their service.
We stopped along the way to have our picture taken with the Freedom Tower in the background. Scheduled to be completed in late 2013 at a 105 stories, we plan to have our pictures taken periodically in that spot to record the progress.

After dinner last night I tried to explain to Ozzie the meaning of Memorial day and the history of our flag. He listened politely but I expect all the time he was thinking about what he was going to get for dessert! "H mm, maybe I will get some ice-cream if I look pathetic enough?"

Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally Friday and Memorial Day Weekend!

Ozzie had a visit from Bailey the other day who stopped by to rest after her long walk. Looks like Ozzie was trying to console her and convince her its better to just to sit on the porch like him! After Bailey left, Ozzie decided to take a snooze on the couch with his look-a-like stuffed friend Otto the bulldog. Ozzie likes him because he doesn't snore.

We are ready to kick off Memorial Day weekend. Wow how did that get here so fast! It seems just like yesterday I was kvetching about the snow and cold weather! I was pondering the true purpo
Linkse of celebrating Memorial Day. To honor all the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. It makes you proud and grateful to be an American when you think about it! Sometimes the purpose of the day gets lost in all the hubbub with cookouts and big bargains for shoppers at the malls.
Another active member of our armed forces should be taken into account on this day too! The U.S. Army had over 2800 dogs deployed into active duty with their human counterparts. They have become an important asset to the military and their numbers continue to grow as they prove themselves on the battlefields and in special ops!

Whatever you do this weekend have fun, be safe and remember those who gave their all!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Looking Good!

Ozzie got his bath the other day, much to his chagrin! He is always well behaved for the groomers and they enjoy having him there. Now he smells fresh and his nails are manicured. I realize this is a temporary state and that it won't take long to revert back to his stinky self but in the meanwhile I will revel in it!
A matter of fact he looks so good that he should go out on a date. Ah spring when a young man's fancy....you know the rest. Too bad there isn't an on line dating services for dogs like there is for people. Yeah and they could call it something like "HoundHarmony.com or MuttsMingle.com. I can see Ozzie's profile now:
Athletic Build, Dashing Looks
Likes short walks (really short) on the beach
Hobbies: Napping, eating

Good listener
Looking for someone who can put up with my snoring

I guess Ozzie is probably happy as a single at the moment. Hey maybe a visit to the dog park to show off his new coif! Oops...Ozzie just ran under the table, he must of read my mind. Guess we will stay right here for now and enjoy the day.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ding Dong, its Ozzie Calling!

Another semi dreary weekend weather wise here in the metropolitan area. Rain and cool temps seem to dominate the scene but that's all I will complain about concerning the weather! It's nothing compared to the terrible tornadoes that have hit the likes of Missouri and other nearby areas.

Ozzie was very sociable the other day. He considers himself a good neighbor and especially enjoys the company of our next door neighbors Al and Clare. On Saturday we were sitting out on the front porch when Ozzie noticed that Al was home and had his granddaughters over for a visit. He approached his house and walked right up to his steps and settled in for a long visit. He even helped himself inside because he smelled popcorn that Clare was making for the girls. Ozzie is definitely not shy! As long as the Oz minds his manners I am sure he is always welcomed there.

( Hopefully the memories of Ozzie pooping on their carpet back in 09 are in the distant past)

We are off to get Ozzie his bath this afternoon (little does he know), he is starting to smell a bit grungy. I thought better to just keep it to myself until it's time to leave. We have to start the leaving process at least a half hour prior to departure time. Ozzie hates to go anywhere and getting him into the car is project. It is probably easier to launch the Space Shuttle than getting Ozzie to the groomers. Okay, maybe not that bad but its bad! Wish me luck!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Finally Friday and Doggie Lama

Can there be anyone more relaxed than Ozzie? I was pondering that the other day as I watched him lay there motionless with his eyes closed. I assumed he was sleeping, but it almost seemed like he was meditating. You never know! Dogs can be spiritual and in touch with their inner self.... why not.?! Oz could be like the Dalai Lama, an enlightened being that is a reincarnation of some noble compassionate canine of long ago that keeps coming back to serve humanity with his wisdom.
As I was in the middle of envisioning Ozzie was the great Doggie Lama he rolled onto his side began snoring heavily and passed gas. Wait a minute, there is the philosophical saying "what you see is what you get!" Okay, Ozzie may not be the enlightened one but he sure is content!

Before we begin our weekend I want to leave you with some news of recent FDA recalls of pigs ears a popular dog treat. The brands being recalled are from Boss Pet Products and Blackman Industries. Dogs have been sickened with salmonella after ingesting these porky treats. I myself do not give Ozzie pig ears because they creep me out but if you give them to your pup please check with this site first.


Ozzie is meditating ...I mean sleeping at the moment, so I will say so long and wish you an enlightened weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Waiting for Mr Sunshine!

Another rainy dreary day here in suburbia! Not much to do about it except complain! Ozzie is pretty bored with it. His only time outside lately has been to run quickly into the yard to do his business and come back inside. I suppose things could be worse especially if you are Arnold Schwarzenegger! Ozzie told me he is in the doghouse and may never get out. A canine reference not to be taken lightly!
It is suppose to clear up by the weekend but if not I will take to building an ark!
In the meanwhile we will watch Oprah's final days on TV, bake some cookies and wait it out!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ozzie: A Portrait in Black and White

Rainy days and Mondays....well you know the rest! Ozzie had a somewhat uneventful weekend.
We had a street fair in town on Sunday and wanted to take Ozzie but he refused to go. Too much walking I suppose. We ended up taking him for his walk by our house which consists of 2 short blocks back and forth. He did it no complaints and when he got home he decided to give his face a good rubbing on a large piece of cardboard on the garage floor. After doing several circles with his mug he was satisfied and went inside.
To say he had a new look after his facial is putting it mildly. It reminded me of a Star Trek episode where Frank Gorshin played an alien from a planet where everyone's face was white on one side and black on the other. Or vice a verse it seems depending which side of the tracks you lived. Oz's facial morphing was only temporary after a scrubbing with soap and water. This has all left me to wonder was there some kind of lesson here?! Maybe about racial intolerance? Hm, probably not. It was more about an itchy face and one dirty dog!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Finally Friday...the 13th!

A view of Macy's the world's largest store!

I usually post early Friday mornings but it seems the Blogger server was down most of the day. Hm, coincidence or did Friday the 13th rear its ugly self on Blogger?!
Yeah that ole friggatriskaidekaphobia will get you every time if you feed into it! You won't find Ozzie worrying about superstitions like bad luck on the 13th! In matter of fact you won't find Ozzie worrying about anything much except what time is dinner!?
I went into the city to visit Mark (a.k.a Pop) at work the other day. His company is on the 21st and 22nd floors of the Empire State Building. Its always exciting to go into Manhattan with all its hustle and energy. The people watching is the best you will ever experience and to go into such an iconic building as the Empire State Building is always a thrill. Though security has gotten a little more tighter since the last time I was there. Visitors have to report to the front desk in the lobby and show ID and have their picture taken. Unfortunately it is a target for the crazy's out there! I took some pictures out of his office window which faces 34th St and Broadway. You have a birds-eye view of Macy's from his office. The office itself is pretty ordinary on the 22nd floor where the finance and IT people are located (par for the course, stuck in 1965) but their showroom and reception area on the 21st floor are very nice. Ozzie was a bit perturbed since we got home late, but Grandpa fed him and took him out.
We are looking forward to the next several days of overcast skies with on and off showers, but I shouldn't complain we had 7 days of wonderful weather. Here is hoping you all have sunny skies this weekend. Say goodnight Ozzie......Arf!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Visit from Bailey

Bailey the
Boxer stopped by the other night with her owner Heather. Bailey is one of Ozzie's "girlfriends". Another brachycephalic breed ( short face, broad skull) Ozzie can relate. Though Bailey is a little more exuberant (and taller) than the Oz. Not to say Ozzie wasn't a good host. He was gracious as always. Welcoming Bailey to his front yard! As they left I could swear I heard Ozzie saying "Nice gams on that Bailey!"

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day and Bulldog Flowers

What a beautiful weekend and a lovely Mother's Day we had! It really is uplifting to have such great Spring weather! Ozzie maintained his perch on the porch as his Pop slaved over the front lawn. Unfortunately my husband doesn't have the gift of a green thumb. It's not from a lack of effort, it just seems that whatever he tries to do to our grass turns out all wrong. We have more weeds than grass and the birds end up enjoying a feast at his expense!
Our flowers are doing nicely however. When I woke up Sunday morning my hibiscus tree had its first bloom of the season. A surprise Mother's Day gift! Later on I was admiring my potted Violas when I noticed that the flowers had a strange resemblance to a bulldogs face. I may be looking at it a bit too hard but I do see it!
Dinner was great as my husband barbecued and my son cleaned up and did the dishes. Ozzie cleaned his dish as well but that didn't take much doing! Back to Monday and Ozzie is exhausted from.....hmm I am not sure...but exhausted none the less and is catching up on his napping. Here's hoping all of you had a great Mother's Day too!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally Friday and Dental Diaster

Toothpaste is delicious!

I had stopped by my friend Rosemary's house yesterday for a visit. She had broken her arm in nasty fall that was precipitated by a pack of dogs ( her own and her sons two pups which she was babysitting ) who rushed into her kitchen as she arrived home one evening. She was tackled, tripped and fell! Ah, for the love of dogs!
As I was petting her Australian Shepperd, Joey I noticed how nice his teeth were. "Rosemary, how old is Joey now?" I asked. "He is 10 years old. I guess you can say he is a senior dog." she replied. "His teeth are really white and in great shape for his age!" I commented. We went on to discuss other events of the day and I didn't get a chance to ask her what she did to keep his doggy grin so nice.
When I went home I checked out Ozzie's teeth. His little stubby teeth in the front looked fine but as I checked his canine teeth the gum line looked red and there was some discoloration on the tooth itself. Yikes...doggy gingivitis?! He is only 3 1/2 years old! I admit I have not been diligent in brushing his teeth. I quickly dug out his toothbrush and toothpaste (never use human toothpaste, its not digestible and can give your pet a tummy ache) and went for Ozzie's mouth. He was semi cooperative but just like anything that goes in his mouth he tried to eat it. So I ended up working against him chomping and licking and for the most part, there was more toothpaste on my pants than his teeth.
When he goes for his wellness check up next month I will have the vet look at his mouth. In the meanwhile I will keep on trying to brush those choppers! Maybe wearing a full hazmat suit!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Bulldog

Hola! Ozzie wanted to wish you all a happy Cinco De Mayo! Though in researching it a bit I found that Mexico doesn't make as much of a big deal about it as we do here in the states. It's not even a national holiday there!
The misconception is that it's Mexico's equivalent of our Independence Day. It really celebrates a rag tag army that back in 1861 lead by General
Zaragoza engaged in battle with the French army in the small town of Puebla de Los Angeles. They were outnumbered 2 to 1. The battle lasted until dawn and the French lost 500 men versus the Mexicans who lost only 100. Though this was not a major battle against the French it was symbolic victory for Mexico. How this evolved into eating quesadilla's and multiple rounds of Margaritas I am not sure.
The occasion also forced me to wake Ozzie up from his morning nap to take this
ridiculous picture.

Happy Cinco De Mayo all! Sorry Oz!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Neighborhood Watch

Last evening we spent some time on our front porch enjoying the nice weather and admiring the Dogwood trees which are in full bloom at the moment. Ozzie sat with us too, more to check out the neighborhood dogs than the Dogwood trees. Yes this activity is far more preferable than walking for Ozzie. He figures why should I walk around the block when everything is right outside my front door! We had a visit from our friends Tom and Patricia who were walking their adorable Terrier, Katie. Ozzie was his usual cool self observing from his perch on the porch. He sat there for quite while looking for anything unusual going on. Its part of Ozzie's commitment to stay ever vigilant and to keep our neighborhood safe from whatever evils that lurk. Right Oz..... "ZZZZZZZZZZ" Ozzie wake up you fell asleep on your shift again! Maybe we can get him a job at the airport!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Bye Has-Bin Laden

We were thrilled to hear of our Navy Seals cornering Bin Laden like the rat he was in his lair with his cohorts in terrorism! Perhaps a violent ending but considering the heinous acts that he executed on our citizens a just one! To prove what cowards and scum they are one of them if not Osama used a woman as a human shield in an effort to escape, resulting in the woman's death! Ozzie is happy that finally some justice was served for the victims of 9/11 and their families, though it won't bring them back! We still must be vigilant as a society because the battle is not over. The terrorist may not give up but neither will we!

God bless America!