Friday, May 25, 2012

Finally Friday and Ozzie's Troubled Nook!

Sorry I have been away for a week. My husband and I went to Florida to visit our good friends Vin and Di at their condo located close to Anna Maria Island on the Gulf Coast. Beautiful weather was abundant and the beach was the best! Coming back home to Jersey and all the rain is a big let down but in the end there is no place like home!

Ozzie was real glad to see us. Grandpa and Will took good care of him but its never the same as having your Mom! Since we came back he has come down with some irritating skin issues. This is the time of year for canine allergies for the Oz. This season he has developed a skin infection right in his "nook". ( No, not that e-reader thing from Barnes and Nobles) That is the name I call the area of  his face between his eyes. You know that big dip above his nose that could accommodate loose change or the perfect holder for a soft boiled egg. It's red and "weepy' in there and you can't get near him enough to pet his head. He is constantly licking his nose with his head pointed up in the air in an attempt to soothe the hot spot on his noggin! Time to call the vet again! In the meanwhile I have been using Panolog cream in his T-zone, that may be helping a bit?!

When we were in Florida we stopped by a restaurant in Siesta Key called The Old Salty Dog. It's the home of the Fully Loaded Salty Dog hot dog.It has everything on it from bacon to cheese to mushrooms and onions. Totally a cardiac arrest in a bun but what a way to go! The best thing about this eatery is the mascot which is a lovable bulldog! His cartoon face adorns the front of the restaurant which is were this picture is taken of myself and my hubbie! I couldn't resist but buy one of their t-shirts with the bulldog logo! I think Ozzie would enjoy the hot-dogs there minus the onions! I hear that bulldogs eat for free there!

Here is wishing you all a wonderful safe fun filled Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ozzie MP

Usually letters after ones name will denote some kind of degree obtained like a doctorate or some type of appointment or honor. Ozzie certainly deserves a couple of letters so I have designated him some. He will be known as Ozzie M.P. No it doesn't stand for Member of Parliament or Military Police. It stands for Master Pooper! I have observed him and he certainly deserves this prestigious title. He is prolific in his pooping and can create at least 3 times a day. He will even wake us up at 3:00 AM to do his magnificent business! (Thank goodness we don't live in a four story walk up!)

So on this day Ozzie my friend I celebrate you and your new initials......MP!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Too Hot for Ozzie!

Saturday was so beautiful that we decided to take Ozzie to a local park in the afternoon. A slow stroll in the park was definitely the ticket for the day, we thought.

We started off easy in the shade slowly making our way down to the dog park enclosures. Ozzie did is usual slow gate and we followed. He chose to remain outside of the dog park fence and masterfully peed on it as the other pups stared from inside. Ozzie thinks it looks too much like a stalag barracks and rather remain on the outside of the fence! It wasn't long before Ozzie started to lead us back to the car. There he began panting like mad and we quickly gave him some water. All the way he panted  heavily in the back of the car while we cranked the AC.  Luckily a short ride home we got  him in the house and started to give him ice cubes to cool him down. A half dozen ice cubes later he recouped but I was worried. This was the first warm day in the upper 70's and we had forgotten how little it takes for Ozzie to over heat. 

Bulldogs have difficulty in cooling down since dogs cool themselves through their breathing. Their flat snout is not very efficient in the exchange of air flow. Also the bulldogs windpipe or trachea is very narrow exasperating the situation! Hot pavement also adds to the heat distress. Dogs cool off through their pads on their feet as well. So a pavement that can get upwards to 120 degrees is a problem. ( Feel it with your hand first then you be the judge!)
So with the a long hot summer on the horizon lets keep in mind what we may think is a gorgeous day may be a scorcher and potential danger for our bullies. I have the 80 degree rule in mind. If its 80 or over keep your bullie in the AC where he is most comfortable.(With Ozzie it's the 75 and over rule) If you ask the Oz that's where he rather be!
Go to the link below for more information on this very important bullie subject!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hair, There, Everywhere! Oh yeah..Finally Friday!

Yikes, I am being consumed by dog hair. I seriously can't believe how much Ozzie has been shedding lately! It's the equivalent to 3 bulldogs and a llama! I discovered dog hair in my toothpaste the other day! There is no where that is safe from the stuff. The new vacuum the Meile Cat & Dog has been working full time to keep up with the follicle fall out!

Ozzie needs a good ole fashion brushing out on the deck. Though the weather has been iffy lately with showers and wind. I'll get to it Saturday morning for sure! 
I came across a tip in one of my bulldog books, suggesting to spritz the bullie's coat first with some water so the hairs don't break. Adding a little Listerine to the water will help keep the coat clean. Then use a Curry comb first to remove loose and clumped hair. Followed by brushing  him down with a Bristle brush. I am not sure I have either of those things but I will check in pet stores for them. 

Wishing you all  you Mom's out there a wonderful and dog hair free Mother's day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pet Food Recall and Almost Friday!

There is an Ozzie alert on contaminated pet food that has affect human in 9 states. It is for a brand called Diamond Pet foods. Here are the details:

 Diamond Pet Foods is pulling nine brands and WellPet LLC is recalling one as a precaution. 

At least fourteen infected people had contact with dogs or dog food a week prior to them contracting an illness identified as Salmonella.  Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, cramping and fever. To date – no deaths have been reported. 

Cases so far have been in Virginia, Ohio, Connecticut, Michigan, Alabama, Missouri, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. 

These products were sold to 16 states in the US East coast and Canada. See the link below from Diamond Pet Foods for more information.

As a precaution when serving food to your pooch one should wash their hands afterwards. Salmonella may not always affect dogs, since food moves quickly through their digestive systems but it can make their owners pretty darn sick.

"I eat Kosher foods when I can!"

Diamond Pet food Recall

Monday, May 7, 2012

Finally Friday..Oops it's Monday!

"Hmm, is it too early in the season for her to wear white?"

Definitely getting behind on my posts. Looks like the weekend blasted right by and here we are! Ozzie had a busy time. He visited his friends Tank and Harley on Saturday to celebrate their Mom's birthday with a backyard barbecue! Ozzie was totally into the hamburger and hot-dog scene. What a shocker! 
There was music and merriment and bocci ball but Oz was enjoying the people watching and the food waiting (begging).

Sunday my brother and his girlfriend came by for a visit and brought along Rosie. She still is not a fan of the Oz and attempts to hide from him when she gets here. All he tries to do is be the perfect bulldog host but she is having none of it. Oh well it's not from a lack of trying. 

"Come on doggies first!"

Ozzie will have to catch up on his sleep today. I am sure he is probably not disappointed that we are going to work and leaving him with Grandpaw! They can both power nap!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Don't Take My Sunshine Away!

Several days of gloomy persistent rain and clouds has made me long for the sunny warmth of March! Seems like Mother Nature is switching things up a bit this year! The weekend is suppose to be somewhat sunny and in the 70's. Until then we will just sit and wait while remembering what the sun's warmth feels like! ( I know when it gets hot and muggy as blazes I will regret this kind of talk!)

Ozzie will be visiting his friends Tank and Harley on Saturday. This time I will remember to take my camera so I can share some doggone photos with you!