Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blizzard Saturday!

We are hunkering down for a full blown blizzard here on the east coast! The weather men/women are in their glory as they speak of this epic storm with now a possibility of up to 3 feet of snow! Nala has mixed emotions about the whole event. As the snow is piling up it becomes harder to find a spot to go potty....especially with the wind and snow blowing in your face! We may have to resort to peeing on the deck for now...Pop doesn't go for that but what the heck he can use the bathroom!

At least we are all safe and sound. Nala is getting a little bored though. We will have to find something for her to do...maybe there is a good movie on Netflix?

Stay warm and safe all!

"Okay lets binge watch Nurse Jackie!"
 Looking from the inside out!
"Okay what do you want to do...?!"

Monday, January 11, 2016

Let's Dance Monday

The weekend just flew by and here we are another Monday. We woke up this morning to find out that David Bowie passed away after a 18 month battle with cancer. An iconic talent of pop music he left a legacy of innovative sound and style. He will be missed.

Nala had her outing to Petsmart on Saturday. She loves to stroll the aisles and meet up with other dogs. It's a social event and she gets some exercise to boot! We bought her dog food which is now Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula, Healthy Weight. Its grain free, she likes it and does well on it. It helps to keep her girlish figure! I always feel bad when the cashier tries to give her a biscuit and she spits it out. She just doesn't like them! Maybe we need to suggest to Petsmart they need to get better quality treats to hand out! Nala will volunteer to be the taste tester!