Monday, May 18, 2015

Simply Sunday

So we been busy around the house lately but no excuse not to blog except pure laziness! Nala is loving the spring since besides bringing the wonderful weather it also brings the return of our landscapers Chris and Bruce. It is a mutual admiration that they share. Nala just can't wait to get out there and be admired!

I discovered a more affordable version of the dental treats Greenies at Walmart the other day.  Called Minties, they are similar, wheat soy and corn free with that minty taste. At 
$ 6.88 a 6 oz size bag they are almost half the price. Also at Walmart I found this cute toy that holds an empty water bottle which is one of Nala's favorite things to play with. It is a winner!

Here is hoping you have a wonderful week and enjoying the weather out there!

"These products have been endorsed by me!"