Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Palooza Tuesday

Sunshine was in abundance on Saturday for MABR's Bully Palooza at the Wonder Bar, which probably led to good attendance, people and dogs alike! The Wonder Bar is a local fixture in Asbury Park. A quirky place that makes a mean burger and hosts some rocking bands! During the warmer weather they have a Yappy Hour where you can bring your dog and chill in an outside gated area while having a beer or go for a dip in a plastic kiddie pool. (The dogs doing the dipping that is!)

There were bullies everywhere of all colors and sizes and it was a beautiful sight to behold for the bulldog aficionado! Nala was a bit over whelmed but did make friends with a handsome dude named Oliver! It was ten dollars a person for admission (dogs where admitted free) and you received a bunch of numbered tickets to place next to all the various bulldog themed prizes that they raffled off...like a Chinese auction. Sad to say we didn't win a thing but the prize of the day was having this special outing with Nala!

Nala was exhausted and snoozed on the ride home with a look of content on her sleepy face! We will definitely do it again next year!  

Here are some pics of the Palooza! 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Finally Friday

It's been a long week but it's Friday and we are now getting into our weekend mode! We are looking forward to the Bully Palooza at the Wonderbar located in Asbury Park tomorrow! The weather is suppose to be perfect with temps in the 70's and no rain!! Woo hoo!

The Bully Palooza is a fund raiser for the MidAtlantic Bulldog rescue that's held twice a year. The monies raised go to pay for veterinary care that some of the rescues are in need of.. The folks who run this rescue are amazing dedicated people that love the breed and go over and beyond the call of duty to find these dogs loving forever homes!

I will have some super bulldog pics to share with you from tomorrow's event! Until then have a good night and enjoy spring at last!!

"OK when do we go to the Palooza?!"

Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday

Hello all! Sorry I have been away from the blog scene for a few weeks...just my over all laziness I suppose! So here we are during holy week, Good Friday and on the eve of Passover and the weather has finally turn spring like!There are actually some crocuses popping up in the front lawn and Nala is liking sunning herself out on the deck again! Yes there is reprieve from the long cold winter and a shedding of our heavy jackets give way to hopes of wearing t shirts and Capri pants once again! 

As I was out shopping for Easter goodies I found myself at the old reliable dollar store. As I stood online at the cash register a woman in front of me had a raw hide bone as one of her purchases. I was tempted to say to her that raw hide is not good for dogs and especially ones that you find in dollar stores which most likely come from China. But I bite my tongue and held back from saying anything which was probably the wisest thing to do since she looked like she could probably take me down in 2 rounds! I know there is the pro and con people when it comes to raw hide but I feel it's best to stay away from them since they have been know to cause intestinal blockages and lesser quality raw hides are treated with too many chemicals. I came across an interesting piece on the down side to raw hide treat chews in a blog called "The Bark.com". The reader comments are just as interesting and it gives you information to make up your own mind on the debate.


Enjoy the holidays ahead along with the good weather (finally!) 

Love, peace and best wishes!

Linda and Nala