Saturday, August 21, 2010

Until Tomorrow!

Last night we were sitting on the porch with Ozzie for our evening constitutional when our neighbor Claire came out of her house to bid her daughter and granddaughters goodbye. Ozzie was very excited to see them all. He pranced over and enjoyed all the extra loving! When it was time for everyone to go home Ozzie was not quite ready for goodbyes! Claire tried to get into the house with the Oz following quickly behind. "No Ozzie, it's time to go inside and go to bed." said Claire. Ozzie was having none of it! He decided to wait on their porch until they came back out. I think if we didn't pull him off their stoop he would still be there! Oh Ozzie saying good night is hard to do!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Party Animals

Saturday turned out to be beautiful weather wise and the party at Terri and Dan's was great fun. Ozzie had the run of the place along with Labradoodle Tank and Pomchi Harley. There were events such as volleyball, horseshoes and croquet to be participate in. Ozzie was a "consultant" to his Pop in the croquet event but otherwise limited his Olympic participation to waiting for some one to drop a hot-dog his way! I have never seen the Oz move so much. We left there very late and didn't get home to almost midnight! Ozzie was so exhausted the next day that he napped for most of Sunday. It was almost an effort to get up and eat his dinner....yes almost! Well it's one more BBQ party on Labor Day and then the summer fun is over. I think Ozzie is not too disappointed over that fact. He will be able to catch up on his napping in the Fall!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday's Fury or Furry?!

TGIF! At least that is what Ozzie always says. Can't understand why because every day is a weekend for him! We are looking forward to going to our friends Terri & Dan's house tomorrow for a Olympic picnic. It will involve various games of skill and a consuming a lot of BBQ! We are bringing Ozzie because he will have his canine pals Tank and Harley to play with. Another plus is that it won't be so hot as it has been recently and they live up north of us where it will be a little bit cooler. Ozzie hasn't been out much in this heat! Actually he seems pretty bored of late and this may be just the thing to get his juices flowing! Hope to get some action shots of the Oz! Well ...action as far as he is concerned may just be getting up to eat! I have previously given you the link to our favorite health food store for pets but I believe it led you to another raw food site! Below is the correct link. They have great food and treats that is all top shelf and none of that rawhide stuff from China. You can order online so check it out. Have a good weekend everyone! "Roof ..roof!" Why yes Ozzie, a safe one too!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oops Did I do That?

Why is it every time your dog throws up it right on your recently shampooed Oriental rug?! That is exactly what Ozzie did yesterday right after taking his heart worm medication! I immediately called the vet to ask about giving him another heart worm pill. I assumed the pill was embedded in my rug not doing Ozzie a bit of good. The doctor said it was a low dose pill and yes I could but wait until tomorrow. Great as long as we don't have a repeat of the rug christening episode we will be back on track. Maybe I will give it to him with one of his meals. It might of been upsetting on an empty stomach?! Though its hard to imagine anything upsetting that cast iron gut! Especially one that can consume 4 inches of bully stick in minutes!
This morning finds Ozzie good as new. He had his 3 minutes of rousing play with his plastic keys before fizzling out on the floor. He currently is taking his morning nap. Next life I want to come back as the Oz!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hmm Good!

Ozzie has been dutifully working on his foot long bully stick all week. It was part of his birthday booty from Wholistic Paws. It is a bit of a challenge for him since it is difficult to maneuver it into his bulldog mouth. The trail of yuck that it leaves behind is enough to make you gag (except if you're a dog I guess!) I have one rule when it comes to bully sticks they are strictly an outside chew treat! Ozzie has tried to sneak in with it several times like no one would notice huh?! This one should last him a couple of weeks or until I am grossed out enough by it and give it the heave ho!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bully Birthday Aftermath

Our birthday outing with Ozzie wasn't all we hoped it would be this past Saturday! We thought a day at the Bark Park would be full of doggie birthday fun. We were wrong!
The morning was cool enough so we decided to go early before the day could warm up. Something about going to the Bark Park makes Ozzie want to poop right away. He went three times while we were there. Thank goodness they supply bags. He explored the gated territory and left his mark on the fence and trees like most male dogs, but once that was done so was he! He seemed to have no interest in his fellow canine. Maybe except for a little pug that was across the way in the small dog enclosure. All the other dogs come up for their obligatory hinney sniff and seemed eager to play. Ozzie was totally disengaged from the whole process. The folks at the park just loved him. He enjoyed the human attention at least. It wasn't long before he plopped himself by the gate a signal to us he was done. We went back to the car which was a short walk away and he started huffing and puffing. Great now he was over heated! We headed out home only to make a quick stop at Wholistic Paws. I ran in to buy a few bully sticks hoping that they would at least make up for the lack of fun. That evening we made him a steak on the grill for his dinner. He fell blissfully asleep that night, occasionally getting up to gnaw on his b-stick. Sorry Oz we will never take to the Bark Park again. Next year for your birthday we will just lavish you with treats and let you do your favorite thing...nap!