Monday, December 7, 2009

Strangers in the Night

It's time to get into full swing for the shopping blitzkrieg of the holidays. I managed to shop a bit on online this morning, very successfully I may add! It's great way to shop when the only thing you have to park is your rear end into a chair! It was just as well I stayed home. I was a bit bleary eyed from having another late night episode with Ozzie! He woke me around 3:00 AM with his pacing around the room. Everything is wood floors here so the clickiety clack of his nails are hard to ignore ( though somehow my husband does a very good job of it! ) I got up and stumbled over to my slippers and pulled on a sweat shirt. He usually waits for me at the top of the stair but he had already made his descent. "I'm coming Ozzie, wait for Mom! " I said. I got downstairs and walked to the back door that leads down to the garage. Not noticing where he was I approached the door when all of a sudden I slide into second base! "Whoa!" I grabbed for a light switch and flipped it on. Immediately I knew even without the light what he did! "Ozzie!!!" There it was ...poop on the floor and there was Ozzie cowering under the dinning room table! I was totally not prepared to clean dog do at 3:00 in the morning! I picked up what I could and ushered Oz and the offending poo out to the backyard! I guess he really had to go I couldn't get mad at him for that. Although he could of given me some kind of heads up that there was a road detour to the back door! "Don't most dogs bark when they have to go to the bathroom that bad?" My right slipper took the worst hit. It was slathered in dog do and I was in no mood to work on that. It would have to spend the night in the garage. After Ozzie did his obligatory pee we went back inside. I cleaned up the rest of the mess on the floor all the time wondering where did I put the number to the Bulldog rescue?! I dragged myself back upstairs to bed while Ozzie confined himself to the couch in the TV room. My husband laid there blissfully snoring away. The morning came way to early for me. My husband woke up fresh as a daisy! "What's the matter Hon, didn't you sleep well" he questioned. "Tell me you didn't hear me get up with the dog and my banshee scream when I stepped in 3 pounds of dog excrement!?" "No dear, I did not but that is too bad. Is there anything I can do for you now? "Yeah, teach your dog how to use the toilet!" Yikes, men and dogs!