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Strangers in the Night

It's time to get into full swing for the shopping blitzkrieg of the holidays. I managed to shop a bit on online this morning, very successfully I may add! It's great way to shop when the only thing you have to park is your rear end into a chair! It was just as well I stayed home. I was a bit bleary eyed from having another late night episode with Ozzie! He woke me around 3:00 AM with his pacing around the room. Everything is wood floors here so the clickiety clack of his nails are hard to ignore ( though somehow my husband does a very good job of it! ) I got up and stumbled over to my slippers and pulled on a sweat shirt. He usually waits for me at the top of the stair but he had already made his descent. "I'm coming Ozzie, wait for Mom! " I said. I got downstairs and walked to the back door that leads down to the garage. Not noticing where he was I approached the door when all of a sudden I slide into second base! "Whoa!" I grabbed for a li…