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Suddenly Saturday

Ozzie has had a good week. He seems well other than the extra panting from the steroids. He goes for his next chemo treatment on the 31st.

The weather has been a little less humid and cooler in the evenings so Ozzie ventures out a bit more. Though once he is out for a while he is always looking to get back inside to the AC! I guess the upcoming Fall weather will be a welcome relief to him.

"OK, I had enough of this, let me in!"
Here is a link to an adorable bulldog puppy being just plain cute. Enjoy and have a marvelous weekend!

Finally Friday and Yoga for Bulldogs

Ozzie seems to be doing less as far as play is concerned these days but he is replacing those playful moments  with more meaningful zen like moments. Here he is doing his salutations to the sun pose early yesterday morning! 

I think I heard him chanting saying "Om I wish I had a bone!"

Summer is quickly flying by so enjoy your weekends folks!

Finally Friday and Prince of Poop

This week has shown some improvement with Ozzie. For the most part he seems okay! The vet started him on a new dog food. It's Royal Canin Gastrointestinal High Energy. It is suppose to have nutrients that nourish the intestinal microflora in dogs. Along with omega-3 fatty acids to help support his immune system it is recommended by Dr Tracey to help Ozzie in his battle to keep the lymphoma at bay. I know one thing for sure that it does, it's made Ozzie into a super pooper. Not that he wasn't before but wow! The other night he went twice and the second time he didn't make it all the way down to the yard and pooped on the deck. Hm, I wonder if that's where the expression poop deck comes from? I guess a little intestinal unrest is expected whenever  you change dog food on your pup!

The Oz spends most of his time lying on the hardwood floor. Maybe its cooler there for him?! Oh well we are in the dog days of August! Hope you all have a great weekend ahead!

"Geez, can…

Finally Friday and Food for Thought

So another week has passed and it's August already! Weather here in New Jersey has been wet and muggy but tolerable. Ozzie had been panting a lot with instances of rapid breathing that had me concerned. Listening  to him breathe the other night was disturbing to me! I called Dr Tracey and she suggested I bring him in so she can check him out. Ozzie was a cooperative patient when we arrived. He even let his temperature be taken without too much fuss although the vet tech had to give him some of his roast beef sandwich as a bribe! Dr Tracey listened to his lungs and said they were clear. His gums were nice and pink so he was getting sufficient oxygen. She concluded that all the uneasy breathing issues were due to the Prednisone. Dr Tracey told us that sometimes instead of open mouth panting that he will pant with his mouth closed and creates that rapid breathing. Over all she thought that Ozzie was responding well to the chemo treatments and he seemed in good shape. Very encouraging…