Finally Friday and Food for Thought

So another week has passed and it's August already! Weather here in New Jersey has been wet and muggy but tolerable. Ozzie had been panting a lot with instances of rapid breathing that had me concerned. Listening  to him breathe the other night was disturbing to me! I called Dr Tracey and she suggested I bring him in so she can check him out. Ozzie was a cooperative patient when we arrived. He even let his temperature be taken without too much fuss although the vet tech had to give him some of his roast beef sandwich as a bribe! Dr Tracey listened to his lungs and said they were clear. His gums were nice and pink so he was getting sufficient oxygen. She concluded that all the uneasy breathing issues were due to the Prednisone. Dr Tracey told us that sometimes instead of open mouth panting that he will pant with his mouth closed and creates that rapid breathing. Over all she thought that Ozzie was responding well to the chemo treatments and he seemed in good shape. Very encouraging to hear!

 We discussed some food options as well. I told her that I was making meals of organic chicken with brown rice and broccoli and supplementing that with his usual kibble. She said that was great and foods that would support his immune system are a huge help. Omega 3 fatty acids and high levels of protein are an immune boosters and something to look for in a high quality dog food for dogs with cancers. She ordered a brand of Royal Canin dry food that she recommends and that will come in on Monday. I will let you all know how Ozzie rates it, but knowing Ozzie he is not too fussy. Our vet believes that Ozzie will not be cured but may enjoy several more months with us. That doesn't seem like much but if that's all we got I'll take it!

Special thanks again to Ozzie's friends, Emmie and Bippy and Katie who sent Oz cards of well wishes!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Below is a book I have been referring to written by a veterinarian about cancer and your dog. I have found it interesting and helpful for anyone looking for some reference.

Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs


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