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Merchandise Monday

Count down to Christmas is now a mere 2 days and there is sill so much to do but as I was in Marshall's today shopping for gifts I could not resist and bought this lovable shiny bulldog to take home for my very own!

He now has a prominent place on my mantle among all the holiday festive decor! For only $7.99 it was the best thing I bought this shopping season so far!

Good luck in finishing up whatever you have left to do!

Merchandise Monday

With less than 10 days to Christmas and a mere day left until Hanuka the pressure is on to finish one's gift shopping! I have here a board game that's sure to win the hearts of anyone who loves bulldogs and a challenging game of Monopoly. It's Bulldog-opoly!

Providing hours of great family fun it can be purchased through Amazon for a mere $25.00!

Last night we took our yearly trip to visit the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.  It was it's usual majestic awesomeness! A lot of folks from all over the world come to see it every year and it's quite the site! It's still a great treat for me no matter how many times we have done it, and it makes the holiday season complete!

Nala has been extra specially good lately! I guess she wants her Christmas presents in a big way!

Here's hoping your shopping is going well and you find time to enjoy the upcoming holidays with family and friends!

Merchandise Monday

I am just typing away as Nala is barking up a storm here in the kitchen. What she has to say is not really clear since I am not too fluent in bulldog! It's starting to get a bit annoying but I guess negative attention is as good as any!

I was looking for a pair of bulldog socks and I found them on Amazon and the same ones on BA  They look pretty snazzy and I would think any bulldog aficionado would be proud to wear them at only $10.99!

 The next item I have tonight is an exclusive and may be the fashion statement of the year! It's an ador-a-bull tote bag featuring you know who!

Who wouldn't want to carry books and things in this versatile tote bearing the face of such a beauty! This one is going to make a Christmas gift for someone special!

Well I better continue my online Christmas shopping since there is only 16 days, 3 hours, 35 minutes and 23 seconds..22 seconds...21 well you know!

Cyber Monday Merchandise

As cyber Monday comes to a close I must confess that I have not bought a of yet! The night is still young and the keyboard beckons for me to troll the internet for some deals, though I feel the deals will be there tomorrow and the next day after that.

I did stumble upon a Christmas bulldog item for all good bullies to hang by the chimney with's a bulldog Christmas stocking. It  has a cutie of a bulldog pictured on it and you can get it personalized with your dog's name ....provided your dog's name doesn't have more than 7 letters! Here's the link...

Now I must go back to my shopping...what to get for Auntie Martha who thinks it's still 1983...and what about cousin Gino in the penitentiary , what goes well with prison garb? Hmmm why can't everyone be as easy as Nala to shop for!

"Yeah what's the matter people...don't you like bu…