Cyber Monday Merchandise

As cyber Monday comes to a close I must confess that I have not bought a of yet! The night is still young and the keyboard beckons for me to troll the internet for some deals, though I feel the deals will be there tomorrow and the next day after that.

I did stumble upon a Christmas bulldog item for all good bullies to hang by the chimney with's a bulldog Christmas stocking. It  has a cutie of a bulldog pictured on it and you can get it personalized with your dog's name ....provided your dog's name doesn't have more than 7 letters! Here's the link...

Now I must go back to my shopping...what to get for Auntie Martha who thinks it's still 1983...and what about cousin Gino in the penitentiary , what goes well with prison garb? Hmmm why can't everyone be as easy as Nala to shop for!

"Yeah what's the matter people...don't you like bullies sticks...I could chew on this all day!"

Happy shopping all!


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