Back at Vet's Office Again, Ozzie's Favorite!

So Ozzie has been suffering with some icky skin infection that has settled onto the back of his neck. Last week it hurt him so much that I couldn't get near enough to it to give it a look see. I took him to the Rutherford Animal Hospital last week. Dr Tracey tried to shave the fur around the infected area to treat it. Ozzie was having no part of that nonsense as three of us tried to hold him still! So he went on a round of antibiotics along with prednisone to try to clear it up a bit. Not to mention his ears were still an issue with the canal still mostly swollen! Thank goodness it's so easy to give Ozzie pills. Just wrap it up in a piece of cheese or baloney and it's gone down the hatch!

Today was his recheck and he went begrudgingly. Probably thinking to himself, "Didn't we just do this the other day?!" I got him up on the scale (which he actually enjoys getting weighed) and low and behold he lost some more weight! He now weighs in at 75.4 pounds! Hey in early Spring he was at a hefty 82.6 pounds! We are doing good there Ozzie ole boy! Now onto to the skin infection. He was much more approachable this time and sat up and let them shave his neck area. It looks nasty but Dr Tracey said it's actually drying out and healing. They put some Neo-Predef powder on it which is an anti-bacterial powder to treat the sore. It looks like Ozzie has a bad case of dandruff! His ears were looking better too, so he just has to continue taking all his meds until they are done.

Geez, that was another big vet bill for the week. Looks like I won't be seeing my hairdresser for a while! Oh well, Mom still loves you Ozzie anyway, gray hair and all!


  1. Hey Linda so the doc never did say what the infection was? It wasn't a Hot Spot was it? Could it be an allery that caused it or yeast that is causing it? Get yourself some of this stuff. It is GREAT & will save you vet bills.
    I actually use the regular formal for Horses & Farm animals on Gauge...but since they have a doggy line why not?


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