Finally Friday and Say so Long to Summer!

"Please don't make me leave the porch!"

Already you can feel the evenings cooling down some and we are more than happy to be able to open the windows at night and get a nice breeze. Labor Day weekend is upon us already and though I look forward to the Autumn months ahead, I hate to see Summer go! Last night the weather was right for a nice walk with one's dog. Ozzie wasn't of the same opinion! We dragged him off the porch to the corner and then from there it was the slow march to the next block. I have never seen a dog that detests going for walks like Ozzie. Once he gets going he does find a lot of stuff to lift his leg on so it may not be so terrible!

I wanted to share a site with you that I discovered for dogs. Its called It's a site that works much like Groupon if you are familiar with that. Once you register you will receive daily email alerts for food, toys and accessories at 50% to 90% discount with free shipping. It's worth a look see. There is also a site for cats at

We haven't any real definite plans for the weekend so we will take it as comes. For Ozzie that may mean another walk, God forbid! Whatever you do we hope you have fun and make it a safe weekend as well!


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