Finally Friday and Bummed About Bocelli

What a week! I am definitely glad that its finally Friday and so is Ozzie! His icky infection on his neck is looking a lot better and he seems to be in brighter spirits too. I am a bit tired and disgusted from our concert experience last night.

We had free tickets to see Andrea Bocelli in Central Park, with special guests Tony Benett and Celine Dion. Unfortunately rain was predicted for yesterday and I was eagerly anticipating they would change it to their planned rain date of today Friday the 16th. Which by the way is sunny and gorgeous! So we drove in with our friends and amazingly found a parking space right off Central Park West. We waited in the car for a while since it was raining heavy. We were not to anxious to wait inside the park in the rain. There were other friends that were goiing to meet up with us and we all had brought appetizers to nosh on with each other once we got inside the Great Lawn where the concert was set up. The rain had finally stopped around 5:00 PM so we went across the street with our tickets in hand to discover the line to enter the concert area was 10 blocks long! To make a long story short it took us 2 and 1/2 hours to get inside to the concert which had already started and insult to injury the rain had resumed! By this time all of my friends had become tired wet and disgusted and not to mention you couldn't get near the stage area because there were so many people standing up with umbrellas huddled in a huge mass! We decided to leave at that point only managing to see Andrea on the big screen they had set up by the backstop in the ballpark.

Oh well and learn I suppose! So anytime you see "Free Concert" in Central Park with some big name stars stay home and wait for it to shown on PBS.

Ozzie would like to wish you a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Fall like weather!


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