Soggy, Groggy and a Bit Bored

With the summer at its unofficial end ( hey we still have a couple of weeks left!) and kids back to school, the traffic back to its usual gridlock, things fall into a " normal" routine for most. It also has been raining for the last few days here in the northeast. Weather the folks in Texas would gladly trade us for.

Ozzie has been making due by sticking to the couch and occasionally going back an forth in front of the sliding doors to the deck and gazing longingly. Another past time he has been engaging in is paw licking. Yes the doldrums have gotten to him I suppose.

Some dogs suffer from compulsive paw licking causing skin damage and infection. Its a cycle of licking that may be caused by stress or boredom or environmental causes. I read that the more intelligent dogs are prone to CP ( compulsive paw-licking). It seems that they were genetically developed over centuries to perform a task such as hunting, herding or protecting the homestead. Without working at those tasks they get bored and result to paw licking. Now I wonder since Oz is a bulldog and they were genetically bred for bull baiting, does he still long for the job his ancestors mastered. I can't imagine Ozzie even gives it a thought! I think the modern version of the Bulldog is bred for couch sitting and TV watching and that is exactly what Ozzie does best!


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