Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Spring Fever

So here we are fast forward to spring. Over the last few months we had our share of vet visits between Nala and Sylva. 

Sylva had somehow mystically injured his right rear leg and was hopping around like a contender in a three legged race one Sunday. We took him to the vet that next day and after palpating the injured limb and a x-ray our vet determined it was most likely a cruciate ligament tear. ( only definitively diagnosed with an MRI ) but all indications that was it.  ( I can only imagine how much a MRI would cost! Yikes$ ) He was prescribed an anti-inflammatory and some pain meds and I was told to have him rest. Ha! Rest....for Sylva that is next to impossible but we tried. He then had a half dozen laser therapy treatments to aid in the healing. Yes luckily today he is much better, but will still favor that leg now and then and we do not take him on long walks much to his chagrin! Short of surgery there is not much else and we are just hoping that in time it will improve. In the meanwhile I will continue to contribute to my Christmas club which is really a savings for my veterinarians new Volvo!

Then there was Nala......ugh a story for my next posting.... Cheers all!