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Finally Friday and Almost 4!

Of course now that Ozzie is spanking clean from his bath he decides he needs a facial and rubs his sour mug face on the garage floor! Good job Ozzie!

We will be celebrating Ozzie's 4th birthday on Sunday. Its also been 2 years since we adopted our Oz. Its hard to imagine a time when we didn't have him in our lives!
I asked Ozzie what he wanted for his birthday and he told me bullysticks, a bunch of them. He is easy to please. I am sure we will have liver cake and party hats and if any of his doggie friends come by we will invite them in to party.

Since July is almost over and the dog days of August are upon us I will leave you with some pool antics of a bulldog named Gus. Looks like he is having a blast with his kiddie pool.

Hope you all have a blast this weekend and maybe get a kiddie pool of your own to cool off in!

Wordless Wednesday...Almost

I had a bath yesterday at "The Doghouse". The ladies there were very nice and I took a little nap while waiting for mom to pick me up. They even put a cool dog bandanna on me! So it all worked out well considering I hate baths!


Running from the red deck!

Last week I was still too traumatized to mention it. The pain has dwindled so I will relay the tale.
We had a huge old Maple tree on our front lawn. (Notice I said "had") It was at least 40 feet high and probably older than Ozzie's pop. It provided abundant shade and no doubt home for several birds and squirrels. Though it had issues. It had succumbed to time and displayed signs of rot in some areas. Also it had become an ant hotel and leaned towards the house so if a major storm came along, well enough said. Since it was considered a town tree we called to have them look at it and see if it was healthy enough to remain standing. As soon as they arrived the two men from the DPW looked at it and quickly said that it should come down. I pleaded "Are you sure?!" My reply was "Lady, if that was my house I would want it taken down!" So to make a long story short, they came last week and took it down. All that remains is a 10 foot s…

Finally Friday and to Hot to Trot!

Saying it's hot outside is putting it mildly! The northeast is now in the middle of some of the hottest weather yet of the summer. It was so hot yesterday that I saw two trees fighting over a dog! Rim shot please!
All the kidding aside it's dangerously hot for man and beast. Today's temperatures in the New York metro area is suppose to be 104 degrees with a heat index of 110 degrees! As I look at my thermometer it reads 89 degrees as the outside temp in the shade and it's only 8:15 AM!
As you know heatstroke can kill your dog very quickly. Especially Bulldogs and other short snout breeds. Their narrow tracheas and flat noses make it even more difficult to exchange air by panting. It is recommended when its over 80 degrees to keep your bully in the AC. All the outside that Ozzie has seen is to do his business in the back yard!

Here are some of the signs of heat stroke to look out for in your dog.

Increased rectal temperature (over 104° requires action, over 106° is a dire…

Wordless Wednesday

Too hot to go out, too hot to play, too hot to eat......well maybe not that hot!

Don't Rub me the Wrong Way!

There is nothing Ozzie likes more than a good back rub! Well maybe food of any kind but that's a different issue. Every evening when his Pop gets home, Ozzie gets a comforting massage. It got me to reading about pet massage. Massage in general increases circulation, improves digestion, strengthens immunity and provides stress relief. What's more relaxing at the end of a hard day than a massage? Some veterinarians poo poo it saying that evidence is weak of any real benefits other than the attention and affection it provides. But in the meantime pet massage work shops and clinics have flourished. It seems that if it's good for humans why not your dog or kitty? Especially bulldogs who are so ergonomically challenged to begin with it would make sense they could really benefit from massages. Just the look on Ozzie's face shows you that all is good in the land of Oz!

Below is an instructional video on massage for your pup that has been Ozzie approved.

Finally Friday and How Red is My Deck?!

We made it to an end of another week. The weather today is untypically in the low 80's with no humidity which is not the usual New Jersey in July. Actually it's perfect weather!

I am still second guessing myself on not adopting Roxy. I had even talked with Ozzie's vet to get her opinion and she was a little hesitant, mostly because of bulldogs in general. She sited that having 2 could be a lot of work and females tend to be a bit more aggressive than males, knowing very well how to push other dogs buttons, and the cost of veterinarian care. Ozzie is up to 700.00 this month with his check up and ear infection. I feel bad for Roxy and I will call her owner next week and see how he is doing with finding her a new home. I wish that they would keep her. She seems happy there and the owner Dave, who has been working with her really loves her.

My husband has finally completed staining our deck. For the last two weeks between power washing, staining it and waiting for it to dry …

Meet and Greet - Ozzie and Roxy

We had our second meeting last night with Roxy and her owners. It was still sweltering at 7:30 last night which did not go over big with the Oz. We met again at a local park which seemed like a nice setting and a neutral territory. The two dogs did there obligatory sniffing of one another and than Ozzie just sat there like as if to say, " I'm good, lets go home!" Roxy is an energetic pup the polar opposite of the Oz. Her owner Dave said that he walks her three times a day. Yikes we barely walk Ozzie three times a month! Will came with us to give his opinion, and no, Roxy did not feel the need to attack him. We left the park saying we would get in touch with them and let them know if we would do a meeting at our house.
When we arrived home there was an informal meeting in our kitchen with my husband, Will and my father. They all seem to come up with a laundry list of why we shouldn't take on another dog while I weakly could only come up with a couple of reasons why we …

Finally Friday and Room for One More?


As I type away I am listening to the sounds of Ozzie contently snoring. His breakfast and morning pottie behind him he is drifting off into his morning nap. I am not sure if the new medication has kicked in but there has been no adverse side effects ...yet!

A situation has presented itself to me. When I was at the veterinarians the other day I was talking with vet technician Tara. She has a female bully of her own and loves Ozzie dearly! Tara told me about a bulldog who is up for "adoption". It's a patient of the animal hospital. Her name is Roxy and the owners want to give her up to a home that has another bulldog or to someone that is familiar with the breed. The reason they have to part with her is that she has developed an aggression to their 19 year old daughter. A very similar situation that has occurred with Ozzie and my son Will. By the way we seem to have conquered that for the time being. If Will announces himself coming through the door and gives Ozzie a tr…

Vet Recheck and the Casey Anthony Verdict

"I am sleeping and I don't want to hear you!"

It was a trip back to the vets today for a recheck on Ozzie's ears. Unfortunately Dr. Tracey found them still swollen shut. Hearing for Oz right now is like trying to hear through cork earplugs while jet planes are roaring over head! Poor Ozzie! Dr Tracey put him on some new meds including drops and a medication called Atopica. It aids the immune system to not over react to the allergents that are creating the swelling, itching etc. The side effect with Atopica is nausea. But not all dogs experience it. It has to be better than the Prednisone which made him thirsty and caused him to pee on the rug! The only other solution if this situation persists is surgery to remove the ear canal. Sounds a bit drastic to me but lets see what the new medication can do. I just know with the cost of this I am going to be doing my own hair and dentistry for a while!!

Now to comment on the Casey Anthony verdict. As most of the country I was …

Tuesday Comments

Ozzie is following me around the house. I guess its getting closer to dinner time?!

My artistic interpretation!

Summer in Full Swing

Ozzie's 4th of July was relatively quiet. My husband and I went to a party at our friend's house and he stayed home with Grandpa. Ozzie was quite fine with that arrangement.
I have some ridiculous pictures of the Oz with red, white and blue lei's around his neck. As usual he detest wearing anything on his head or on his neck.
Sorry Ozzie, its for the blog my little man! Besides a little exploitation never hurts anyone!

The Casey Anthony jury will continue deliberations this morning in Orlando.The prosecutions rebuttal against the defense's final statement was a killer (pardon the pun) and really sent home the state's case against Casey. Now the jury has the daunting task of going through the 27 pages of jury instructions and figure out just what they have to do to come up with a verdict. After several weeks of being sequestered from the world the jury members are anxious to go home but I am sure the system will work and they will take their time to come up with a just…

Finally Friday and Casey, Guilty or Not Guilty

Last night we had our town fireworks. They were visible and very audible from our deck. Ozzie sat out there and did not flinch once. I guess the bombs bursting in air don't bother him a bit! In fact he looked pretty bored with the whole affair. I suppose it's better than dogs who freak out and panic over the noise!
This 4th of July weekend has a few back yard barbecues on the agenda. The temperatures are suppose to rise close to 90. Ozzie may have to stay home in the AC, but he won't mind that!Which in the long run he will be safe and happy. Check out the link I have included from the ASPCA for Forth of July safety tips for you pet.

Today concludes (hopefully) the month long Casey Anthony trial which I have been watching everyday like some crazed addict. Casey who is 25 and a single mom is accused of killing her 3 year old daughter Caylee in 2008 after she had gone missing for 31 days without being reported to the police. Her remains to be found in a field blocks from the f…