Finally Friday and Casey, Guilty or Not Guilty

Last night we had our town fireworks. They were visible and very audible from our deck. Ozzie sat out there and did not flinch once. I guess the bombs bursting in air don't bother him a bit! In fact he looked pretty bored with the whole affair. I suppose it's better than dogs who freak out and panic over the noise!
This 4th of July weekend has a few back yard barbecues on the agenda. The temperatures are suppose to rise close to 90. Ozzie may have to stay home in the AC, but he won't mind that!
Which in the long run he will be safe and happy. Check out the link I have included from the ASPCA for Forth of July safety tips for you pet.

Today concludes (hopefully) the month long Casey Anthony trial which I have been watching everyday like some crazed addict. Casey who is 25 and a single mom is accused of killing her 3 year old daughter Caylee in 2008 after she had gone missing for 31 days without being reported to the police. Her remains to be found in a field blocks from the family home 6 months later. Casey's defense team claimed in opening statements that Casey had been a victim of abuse since childhood by her father and brother and suggested the whole incident was a result of an accident in the family pool. Then covered up by the father George Anthony. All the family members, mother Cindy, father George and brother Lee have been grilled by both the defense and prosecution. Their pain highly visible and heartbreaking at times. We probably will never know the true story especially now that Casey has declined to testify. Whatever the outcome will be at the end of the day this is an American tragedy. We have watched a dysfunctional family's destruction on TV and their sadness and loss. Caylee is gone from their lives forever and what has happened with Casey that turned her into a pathological liar and most likely a person who has no regard for human life can never be changed.
I will be glued to the tube today and as the beleaguered jury hopefully goes off to deliberate, the American public will more than likely have to wait until the weekend is over for a verdict.

Ozzie wishes you all a happy and safe 4th of July weekend!


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