Running from the red deck!

Last week I was still too traumatized to mention it. The pain has dwindled so I will relay the tale.
We had a huge old Maple tree on our front lawn. (Notice I said "had") It was at least 40 feet high and probably older than Ozzie's pop. It provided abundant shade and no doubt home for several birds and squirrels. Though it had issues. It had succumbed to time and displayed signs of rot in some areas. Also it had become an ant hotel and leaned towards the house so if a major storm came along, well enough said. Since it was considered a town tree we called to have them look at it and see if it was healthy enough to remain standing. As soon as they arrived the two men from the DPW looked at it and quickly said that it should come down. I pleaded "Are you sure?!" My reply was "Lady, if that was my house I would want it taken down!" So to make a long story short, they came last week and took it down. All that remains is a 10 foot stalk that looks like a giant middle finger protruding through the earth. Mother Natures way of saying "the heck with you for taking down such a beautiful tree!" Of course this occurred in the middle of the hottest weather of the summer! The sun now beats down on our house unmercifully in the afternoons without the protection of our tree. Any rate they will come back eventually and remove the offending remains and next spring plant a new tree in its place.
A sad story perhaps of a life cycle of a tree.
Ozzie is bummed because his front porch is too hot to sit out on in the afternoons. I am sure I will be bummed when we get our electric bill for July!


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