Summer in Full Swing

Ozzie's 4th of July was relatively quiet. My husband and I went to a party at our friend's house and he stayed home with Grandpa. Ozzie was quite fine with that arrangement.
I have some ridiculous pictures of the Oz with red, white and blue lei's around his neck. As usual he detest wearing anything on his head or on his neck.
Sorry Ozzie, its for the blog my little man! Besides a little exploitation never hurts anyone!

The Casey Anthony jury will continue deliberations this morning in Orlando.The prosecutions rebuttal against the defense's final statement was a killer (pardon the pun) and really sent home the state's case against Casey. Now the jury has the daunting task of going through the 27 pages of jury instructions and figure out just what they have to do to come up with a verdict. After several weeks of being sequestered from the world the jury members are anxious to go home but I am sure the system will work and they will take their time to come up with a just verdict. I am just wondering how I will detox from watching this trial which has had me riveted to the TV/computer all these weeks. Maybe I will have to step down and watch Judge Judy for a while?!


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