Meet and Greet - Ozzie and Roxy

We had our second meeting last night with Roxy and her owners. It was still sweltering at 7:30 last night which did not go over big with the Oz. We met again at a local park which seemed like a nice setting and a neutral territory. The two dogs did there obligatory sniffing of one another and than Ozzie just sat there like as if to say, " I'm good, lets go home!" Roxy is an energetic pup the polar opposite of the Oz. Her owner Dave said that he walks her three times a day. Yikes we barely walk Ozzie three times a month! Will came with us to give his opinion, and no, Roxy did not feel the need to attack him. We left the park saying we would get in touch with them and let them know if we would do a meeting at our house.
When we arrived home there was an informal meeting in our kitchen with my husband, Will and my father. They all seem to come up with a laundry list of why we shouldn't take on another dog while I weakly could only come up with a couple of reasons why we should have her. Their main concern is that Ozzie seems to care little about her or any other dogs for the most part. That he would be more content as the lone dog in the house. Of course the care issues and the extra work and double the vet bills etc. I was looking to give Ozzie some canine companionship and motivation to play. I guess being out numbered on this would make it a less than popular decision if I decided to go ahead and adopt Roxy. My only alternative is to let Roxy's family know today that they should go to one of the bulldog rescues and have them find her a suitable forever home.

I guess Ozzie seems content as an only child. Especially as I observe him snoring peacefully away enjoying his undisturbed morning nap! Sigh!


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