Don't Rub me the Wrong Way!

There is nothing Ozzie likes more than a good back rub! Well maybe food of any kind but that's a different issue. Every evening when his Pop gets home, Ozzie gets a comforting massage. It got me to reading about pet massage. Massage in general increases circulation, improves digestion, strengthens immunity and provides stress relief. What's more relaxing at the end of a hard day than a massage? Some veterinarians poo poo it saying that evidence is weak of any real benefits other than the attention and affection it provides. But in the meantime pet massage work shops and clinics have flourished. It seems that if it's good for humans why not your dog or kitty? Especially bulldogs who are so ergonomically challenged to begin with it would make sense they could really benefit from massages. Just the look on Ozzie's face shows you that all is good in the land of Oz!

Below is an instructional video on massage for your pup that has been Ozzie approved.


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