Finally Friday and How Red is My Deck?!

We made it to an end of another week. The weather today is untypically in the low 80's with no humidity which is not the usual New Jersey in July. Actually it's perfect weather!

I am still second guessing myself on not adopting Roxy. I had even talked with Ozzie's vet to get her opinion and she was a little hesitant, mostly because of bulldogs in general. She sited that having 2 could be a lot of work and females tend to be a bit more aggressive than males, knowing very well how to push other dogs buttons, and the cost of veterinarian care. Ozzie is up to 700.00 this month with his check up and ear infection. I feel bad for Roxy and I will call her owner next week and see how he is doing with finding her a new home. I wish that they would keep her. She seems happy there and the owner Dave, who has been working with her really loves her.

My husband has finally completed staining our deck. For the last two weeks between power washing, staining it and waiting for it to dry thoroughly, it has been the "no zone" for Ozzie. The stain still smells a bit which is to be expected. The packaging says it is V.O.C (Volatile Organic Compounds) compliant. Hopefully it will present no issues to Ozzie. He has enough going on! But in the mean time its the red color that I can't seem to adjust to. I made the mistake of letting my husband pick out the stain. It's just so...... red! Maybe over time it will fade some what and become a softer more subdued shade of red. As far as Ozzie is concerned he could care less about the color as long as he can get back onto the deck to sun himself. Maybe dogs are really color blind?! Maybe husbands are too!?

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. Hi there! The deck looks nice and I am sure you will get used to it :-) As for Ozzie's sunning, we recently took my bulldog Bulka to the vet, and were advised to put sunscreen on her when she spends time on the patio. The vet told us to pay close attention to the white on her coat as apparently they tend to get skin cancer :-( I also hope Roxy finds a new loving home soon, she is such a cutie!

  2. Yes sunscreen is important for our bullies and we need to use the kind especially made for dogs. I have on found on line that Vet's Best Sun Relief Spray seems to be a good choice. Thanks for reading the blog!


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