Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter All!

What a weekend! Today we awake to a beautiful Easter Sunday! Nala has been doing well in her new environment! Friday we took her to the vet to get a wellness check up. She was due for her distemper vaccine and she got blood work for heart worm which came back negative. Also we had her ears cleaned which there was no infection of any kind!

 Center of attention!
 Troy the bulldog

Dr D said she is in over all good health. Yes thanks much to her previous owner who took great care of her. The staff was happy to see her. They had all loved Ozzie and they were glad that we got another bullie with an equally charming personality!

Saturday was the first warm-ish day of the season so we took a ride to the dog park. It was unusually crowded with dogs and humans alike. We were obligated to take her into the large dog section because she weighs over 25 pounds. We were a bit hesitant since there are dogs in there that tower over our petite girl. Of course she was the center of attention with everyone coming over to pet her. There was a very rambunctious boxer who wanted to play and Nala was having no part of him! After a while she made her way to the gate and we decided we wanted out too! The we took a stroll around the duck pond and met a boy bullie who was only 7 months old named Troy. Very ador-a-bull indeed!

After the park we drove by Wholistic Paws and got a few treats for Nala. On our way home she took a snooze in the car. Can't say I blame her, it was an exciting afternoon!

Wishing you all peace and joy this Easter!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day & Meeting New Friends

Wow top of the morning and all things Irish. Nala is passed out on her bed after a weekend of celebrating Erin go bragh! Saturday there was a party at our friends Terri & Dan 's house, home of Tank and Harley. They were surprise to see and meet Nala for the first time. I wonder what they were thinking, like "what happened to Ozzie?"Any way, they all seem to get along fine. Nala appears to hold her own with other dogs well. Even when challenged by Tank at one point she back him into the corner as if to correct him! I think she will enjoy the dog park this spring!

 After a partying night she hosted a get together today inviting my brother and his girlfriend and their pup Rosie. Nala was a gracious hostess and made Rosie feel most welcomed.

I am beat myself and tomorrow is Monday, ugh! I go to bed with the thought of being so happy that we got Nala as much as I miss Ozzie, I know that we all can move forward and enjoy her sweet little self while always holding Ozzie's memory in our heart!

Have a good week ahead!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day Light Savings and Nala's Stroll

Nala is settling in quite nicely. Yesterday morning we went for a little walk around the neighborhood. She really enjoys the snow and romping through it! She has brought us much joy and I am sure Ozzie would have loved her! Everyone thinks she is still a puppy but at 2 years old she is a full grown bully girl. She is just full of rambunctious energy like a puppy!

Morning came early today with turning our clocks forward for day light savings time. Nala was up at  7:00 ish which in my book was really 6 ish! I guess dogs only obey their inner clock when it comes to time. With a sunny day ahead and temps in the 50's I guess we will be getting out today with Nala. Perhaps a walk with her new BFF Katie.

I would like to share a link for bulldog parents and all who are interested. It is a great forum for information on everything bulldog! Its a great resource and worth a look!

Everyone have a great week ahead! 

"Circling the frozen tundra!"

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Suddenly Saturday and Dog Adoption, the Way to Go!

One of the things that I have learned from having Ozzie and now Nala in our life's is the importance of adopting a dog. With the literally thousands or more dogs in desperate need of a home it's hard to justify buying a puppy. Rescue dogs are all wonderful and with a little love and patience will fit into your home and your heart!

The process is simple but one must be patient to find the right dog that fits into your lifestyle. To adopt a Bulldog or a French Bulldog you need to have the right expectations. Bulldogs may not be the most active dogs in the world (some are though and may depend on the individual). "Frenchies" as they are lovingly referred to are a more active canine and smaller in size. Both breeds adapt well to apartment living and you have to be careful with warm weather and their breathing etc. Also you cannot leave these bullies alone during the day for too long because they are very needy. Be prepared to spend $$$ amount in veterinarian bills. Their skin and other health issues may bring you there more than you think! Don't get me wrong, they are loving dogs and you will be rewarded every day with their impish grins and clown like antics. You just need to know what they are all about and be accepting of every aspect of the breed. Once you do the research and you can determine they are right for you then you can start looking to adopt, be it a local shelter or one of the many rescue groups.

I have put the Adopt-a-pet link for French Bulldogs below for more information on the breed and where there are Frenchies waiting to be adopted. It also lists the sights to nation wide rescues for bullies.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Whiney Wednesday

"Okay, does this sweater make me look fat?!" No way I told Nala before we stepped out for our walk. Okay maybe just a little but she does look terribly cute in it, besides it keeps her warm. The weather here has been windy and chilly lately. Don't worry Nala, spring is around the corner and soon you will be going out "au natural"!

"Such a fashionista"

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Simply Sunday and Meeting Nala

A house without a dog is not a home. I think that Snoopy said that but if he didn't he should! Though Ozzie's passing is recent we were already considering adopting another bulldog. It seems to me that there are constantly dogs out there in need of a forever home. The rescue through which we adopted Ozzie, The MidAtlantic Bulldog Rescue, was on the look out for us. Then we got a call to see a male who was 3 years old and recently surrendered, a couple weeks ago. With a knee jerk reaction perhaps we jumped to see him and took the 2 hour ride to his foster mother's home. My husband still had in mind a big male like Ozzie. This little guy was far from that at maybe 40 pounds and all white. Sweet and mild tempered and called Elvis, we spent the day with him and the foster family ( let me say at this point thank you to her and all of the folks in the rescue for the work they do!). We left and thought about it on the ride home. He had some skin issues etc. nothing that was not workable with the vet. My husband didn't really connect with him and I was emotional. Maybe this was too soon? Maybe we weren't ready. I called Alicia the foster mom, the next day and said we pass though I apologized profusely and felt awful for the little guy, like I had let him down. She assured me that he would end up in a good home and she understood my emotional state.
Another week or so and we got a call from the rescue about a female that just entered into the rescue and was nearby with another foster mom. She was reported to be sweet and sociable and she just turned 2 years old. A female? We never even considered a little girl dog. So we made an appointment for that Friday after work to go and see Nala. She was with foster mom Janis and her two female bullies who she seemed to have bonded with no problems. Wow was she small. At 48 pounds she was almost half Ozzie's size. She was surrendered by her owner who had taken superb care of her in every way! She just didn't have the right amount of time at home for her between work and school. Her decision to surrender her was a selfless and difficult one. I commend her for it and thank her too. My husband was immediately smitten by Nala. When foster mom Janis left the room so we could discuss her, my husband Mark looked at me and said "lets take her!" "You think?  I responded. When Janis came back he told her we would pick up Nala that Sunday if it was okay with her. Then he took her for a little walk on the leash. Imagine a dog who liked to walk? No disresepect to my Oz, but walking to him was like having a double root canal! That Sunday morning was filled with all sort of anticipation. Would she like her new home, would we compare her to Ozzie constantly, would we all live happily ever after? A petite little thing and so puppy like, she is a totally different dog, though she shares his beautiful red and white coloring.  Ozzie will always own a piece of real estate in our hearts, but we welcome and love our new bullie girl Nala!

"Get the leash, we are going for a walk!"

Looking very regal!