Suddenly Saturday and Dog Adoption, the Way to Go!

One of the things that I have learned from having Ozzie and now Nala in our life's is the importance of adopting a dog. With the literally thousands or more dogs in desperate need of a home it's hard to justify buying a puppy. Rescue dogs are all wonderful and with a little love and patience will fit into your home and your heart!

The process is simple but one must be patient to find the right dog that fits into your lifestyle. To adopt a Bulldog or a French Bulldog you need to have the right expectations. Bulldogs may not be the most active dogs in the world (some are though and may depend on the individual). "Frenchies" as they are lovingly referred to are a more active canine and smaller in size. Both breeds adapt well to apartment living and you have to be careful with warm weather and their breathing etc. Also you cannot leave these bullies alone during the day for too long because they are very needy. Be prepared to spend $$$ amount in veterinarian bills. Their skin and other health issues may bring you there more than you think! Don't get me wrong, they are loving dogs and you will be rewarded every day with their impish grins and clown like antics. You just need to know what they are all about and be accepting of every aspect of the breed. Once you do the research and you can determine they are right for you then you can start looking to adopt, be it a local shelter or one of the many rescue groups.

I have put the Adopt-a-pet link for French Bulldogs below for more information on the breed and where there are Frenchies waiting to be adopted. It also lists the sights to nation wide rescues for bullies.


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