Snow Business

I will be away for a few days. We are going to Vail to ski and attend the Vail Film festival! ( Oh my that sounds full of myself!) Trust me we are staying at very economical lodging and doing it on the cheap! Our friend Vinnie's son has a film titled "The Price" that has been entered and is in the running for the short film competition! Exciting stuff! Ozzie doesn't think so! At least his Dad and Grandpa will be home with him! I know
it s not the same as having Mom around but it will have to do. It's just for a few days! Oh dear I am having separation anxiety! Maybe if I take his picture with me and show it to everyone I meet! Someone may think he is movie star material. They will want him for their next blockbuster film! Ozzie will become a household name like .... wait I am getting carried away. Yes Oz you are content simply to be the star in your own household! Okay Mr De Mille Ozzie is ready for his close up!

Check out the film "The Price"


  1. Ok Oz, here's the deal...your mom leaves you high and dry to go to a film festival right? You need to request that she get you a copy of "The Dogfather" starring a Bullie just like us, before she leaves so you have something to do while she's gone. Here's a link to the trailer:
    Let me know how you like it.
    Bullie Hugs,

  2. He is just too cute.. and he is a blogger star.


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