There is no Place Like Home!

Sorry it seems that I have abandoned my posting duties but we have been away on a ski trip in Mammoth California. Note I said trip not vacation because to say vacation would indicate we had a relaxing time! With a 12 hour excursion to arrive at the resort and the 3 hour time difference plus elevation of 9000 feet the first couple of days were a bit weary for me! Then 5 straight days of skiing have left my knees aching! Any rate the mountain was beautiful and the group we went with was a lot of laughs and now I am grateful to be back home! So is Ozzie! He was good boy under Grandpa's watch ( so he says ) but I know it's not the same as having mom and dad home. When we came in the door Saturday night ( really Sunday morning ) at 5:00 AM after a tiring journey Ozzie was there to greet us. He makes this distinct noise only reserved for when we have been away and return home. It is almost like a soft purring sound that says " where were you ...I missed you something awful!"


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