Finally Friday

I am not sure yet what our plans for the weekend are but Ozzie seems to have it all wrapped up for himself. It involves several power naps and several meals not necessarily in that order but you get the picture. Little does he know we will be taking him out for walks on both days! It's been a long winter and he has not walked in a while. I am sure he will be less than cooperative so I will have my usual pocket of treats to lure him down the road. One might think that this will negate all the benefits of walking but for Oz it is a far better thing than laying on the couch! The smell of that fresh air may invigorate him to take a shorter nap! On to a subject of more importance. We all have been watching and have been touched by the images that have come out of Northern Japan. People searching desperately in the rubble for signs of family members while nuclear reactors are setting off into a meltdown. Upsetting to watch but I am struck by the grace and dignity of the Japanese people. Their unsolicited cooperation and concern for one another has impressed me deeply. I just want to mention they are in my prayers. I wish for them "Chiyu" which means in Japanese healing and recovery. To all have a wonderful weekend!


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