Friday, December 30, 2016

Foster Failure Friday

I hope all of you had a joyous holiday and are getting ready to celebrate the new year 2017! We have had peaks and valleys in the past year but all in all no complaints. My son Will and his high school sweetheart Ashley were married in October. That was the highlight of my year and what a beautiful event! I couldn't be happier or prouder of them both!! We then rounded out 2016 with an addition to the family that is! 

The Long Island Bulldog Rescue contacted me and said they had a dog who needed fostering. I had been pondering the thought of getting another bulldog to keep Nala company. She had become such a couch potato my thinking was that may activate her inner dog! I said yes and went to pick up a an Olde English Bulldog named Sylva. The rescue told me he was a healthy 3 years old and his owner had to surrender him since she was unfortunately being placed in a nursing home. She had been diagnosed with dementia.

At first I was hesitant. He kinda looked like a bulldog except he had long legs and an extended snout! His tail a corkscrew knot that pointed southwest! With a bit of an intimidating look he made one take a step back when approaching him.Well anyways it all depended on how he got along with Nala. He was not fixed so he was relentlessly bothering Nala! She let him he know in her diva manner that she definitely was not interested! When we got him home he was antsy. He played with every dog toy in the house and wore himself (and me too) out by the evening. The worst of all my dad did not like him. He felt he was too big and too active. I called the rescue and voiced my concerns that this may not work. They said give it time. My dad would come around and Sylva would relax and adjust to his new home. 

Sure enough both happened. Today I saw my dad petting him when he thought no one was looking and Sylva has found his place in the house where he plays second dog to the resident queen. He has proved to be gentle and loving and now that he is fixed could not be bothered giving Nala a second glance. I guess the old saying "be patient the storm will pass" is true! Okay Sylva ole boy looks like you found your fur-ever home!

A happy and healthy 2017 to you all! 

 So I am staying ....right?!
Nala on the deck with her new brother.

Regal looking in the morning sun!