Friday, February 25, 2011

Finally Friday

I hate to focus so much on the weather with each post but it has been a big part of life lately. This winter has brought us much snow and aggravation so its hard not to discuss it! Today I had a glimmer of hope! Even though we are suppose to get 2 inches of rain and 60 mph wind gusts later on I saw something that was like a beacon of light in a storm! It was a Robin red breast! She was hoping around my front yard pecking up morsels of something she deemed snack worthy while dodging the mounds of left over dirty snow (snirt). I have a grainy picture I took through the window as proof I wasn't imaging it or drinking bloody Mary's in the morning!
I have to get ready we are leaving today to go up north to yes you guessed it ski! I hate to leave the Oz even though it's just for a short weekend! Grandpa takes good care of him but its not the same as his mom! Just between you and me I think he doesn't clean his wrinkles even though he says he does! Though he never changed diapers when we were kids so I don't expect too much from him in terms of wrinkle patrol!
Hope you all have a safe weekend and look out for that Robin, she is out there!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Meatless Monday!

To eat meat or not to eat meat....that is the question. I have often toyed with the idea of of going vegetarian. I could do without hamburgers. I have taken a liking to the veggie version. I was never a big fan of ribs or pork chops but I do have a liking for the cured meats like salami and prosciutto. Ah, and the smell of sausage and peppers on the grill...yum! Yes it would be a challenge. That is why I think this
meatless Monday movement is a good thing. It encourages you to go just one day a week without meat. It's goal is to get Americans to reduce their meat consumption by 15 %, thus improving their personal health and the health of the planet. Needless to say Ozzie is not to thrilled with the whole idea. Not that he doesn't enjoy some vegetables and fruits now and then but naturally being a dog does involve a certain amount of meat eating. I have to plan my menu for the day. Maybe a mac and cheese dish with broccoli for dinner?! Ozzie suggested hot dogs. I had to explain to him that they are made of meat. Well maybe more a meat like substance! Frankly I don't know what most franks are made of and I rather not know! Here is to the challenge of meatless Mondays for the humans! Ozzie thinks he will stick to his protein of choice. "Pass the kibble please!"

Friday, February 18, 2011

Finally Friday or Flag Friday!

Here we are again facing another weekend and its off to an unusually warm start!They predict it will hit 68 degrees today! Of course winter weather will resume on Saturday. That's okay I'll take it no matter how temporary it is!
Yesterday I finally took down my Charlie Brown Christmas garden flag that adorned my front yard. It was time for sure but what to replace it with?! It seems too early for Spring themes with Robins and cute little bunnies! So I searched on line for a bulldog garden flag and found a few on Amazon. They were a little more than I wanted to spend on a garden flag
( with shipping its about 21.95 ) but then again I have not seen them in stores and they are so darn cute. I decided to get the bullie with the peace sign/flower power background wearing a beret. Though the site indicated that it was a new item and could take up to 4 - 6 weeks to ship. By that time it will be Easter and I will have to put up the bunny flag!

Ozzie plans to hang out on the deck today and take an outdoor nap versus his indoor nap! Other than napping he has no plans for the weekend.
Here's hoping your weekend is a little more exciting than Ozzie's!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Beaming Scotty Wins Best in Show!

I was intent on watching the entire WKC dog show last night. I got through the Hounds and fell asleep on the Terriers! Ozzie blissfully snored through the entire event!

I was glad to see this morning that a Scottish Deerhound from Virginia named Hickory won best in show. It's the first time a Deerhound has won the coveted prize!
Hickory will be making a trip to the top of the Empire State building today which will be lit up tonight in purple and gold in honor of all the dogs in Westminster Kennel Club dog show. She will also be treated to a steak dinner at the famous Sardi's restaurant later on. Yum!

I asked Ozzie what he thought of Hickory the long legged winner. He said she was too tall for his taste but not a bad choice overall. Yeah I guess Ozzie would need a step ladder to see eye to eye with the prize pooch.

Meanwhile we think a hint of Spring may be in the air. The next two days it is suppose to go into the 50's and 60's! It's only temporary but we will gladly take it after the winter weather we have been through!

Have a wonderful Wednesday all!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day and Westminister Kennel Dog Show

Ozzie wants to wish everyone a happy Valentines day. He will be spending a quiet evening at home and will have a heart shaped turkey burger to dine on! For the rest of us it's just a good excuse to eat chocolate!
Today is the start of the annual 135th Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden. It will run the 14th - 15th. You can catch it on the USA network. They will be judging the Hound, Herding, Toy and the Non-Sporting dogs this afternoon. Yes Bulldogs are in the Non-Sporting category in case you where wondering. Which seems appropriate since there is no sport I know of that Ozzie participates in! They should have a separate category for bullies called Couch Canines. That would be perfect!

Everyone have a wonderful day with your sweetheart or your chocolate, whichever you prefer!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally Friday or Don't Tread on my Turf!

We have reached the end of another wintry week and managed not to have any snow! The local weatherman declares there is a warming trend on its way and I can't wait! Once the temps go over freezing I am digging out my capri's from the closet! Ozzie is enduring the hibernation of winter well. His only disturbance of late is my son Will. Just about every time he comes in the door, Ozzie makes a mad dash at him! He snarls, growls and bares his chops like it was someone from the IRS! I can't understand this sudden aggression to Will?! Why it started once Will moved out I am not sure but prior to that it never happened! Ozzie seems to be more provoked when Will wears his black leather jacket. Perhaps Ozzie was attacked by a tall skinny man in a black jacket in his previous life?! I read up a little on this aggressive behavior and it could stem from Ozzie perceiving that Will is an adversary on his level in the dog pack hierarchy. Or could it just be plain old jealousy. " Will is the skinny one, you love him more!" I hope this doesn't require a dog therapist and the situation will works itself out! Though I did catch Ozzie throwing darts at Will's head shot the other day. Hmmm?!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Clean at Last!

Yesterday was Ozzie's day at the groomers. He was long over do and smelled like the back end of a horse! As usual I have to leave a half hour before the appointment ( even though it's 5 minute ride! ) in order to bribe and cajole him into the car! Once we got there he cowered in the corner as the groomer approached and then had to be dragged in to the bath area! Sorry Oz! You will thank me after its over, so will the rest of humanity! Once the trauma passed I returned to pick up Ozzie who was fresh as a daisy! I paid at the register then decided to take Ozzie over to the veterinarian office located in the Petsmart to use their scale. Ozzie happily plopped on the stainless steel platform and the digital read out started to fly! "Oh my what number will it land on?" I wondered with horror! It was kind of like Wheel of Fortune. Maybe more like Wheel of Misfortune! It finally stopped at 82.6 pounds. OMG! "Ozzie this is the heaviest you have ever been!" Ozzie didn't care! He looked to me for a treat because he got on the scale with a single command. As we waddled away from the scale a woman with a German Shepard was waiting nearby. I started to make small talk with her as Ozzie dutifully smelled the Shepard's butt. "I just can't seem to keep his weight down." I said in defense to her disapproving gaze at Oz's girth. "I only feed my dog one cup of food a day." declared the Shepard woman. "One cup!?" "Ozzie would never settle for that little bit of food, I thought...his metabolism would not allow it!" "I guess we need to work on his diet some more." I offered. Ozzie turned his backside to the conversation. His ego could stand no more. Neither could mine! Don't worry Ozzie, Spring is just around the corner and we will snap back into shape. "Ozzie? Where did he go?! Ozzie was well on his way, heading for the dog treat aisle with a smile on his face!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Finally Friday or What Shall I Wear?

We have reached the end of another wintry week! Phil the groundhog has predicted a sooner than later Spring and if you believe that I have a bridge that you might be interested in! My husband and I are packing up to go to Vermont this weekend for some skiing. ( Why, I thought when I can easily ski down my block?! ) It will be just Ozzie and Grandpa doing a little male bonding for the next 2 days! Any thoughts that Ozzie will stick to his diet has gone out the window! Whatever bribery food that it takes for Ozzie to cooperate for his G-Paw, it's okay! We will get back on track when I return!
I have found a neat website that sells clothing that caters to Bulldogs, Pugs and Frenchies. You know the broad chested breeds that seems to left out in the cold when it comes to canine wear! They have some neat jackets and harnesses that fit our big boys and girls just right. Of course the creator has a bullie of her own! It's called Cool Blue The only thing Ozzie has ever worn is a kids sweatshirt that I had to cut up to fit his big bullie head and neck through!
Check out the site! Cool Blue Dog
I should not fail to mention its happ
ens to be Super Bowl Sunday this weekend! I have no particular feelings for either team Green Bay or the Steelers, but I do like the commercials! So for that reason alone I will watch the game!
Enjoy the big game and stay warm!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ground Hog Day or Couch Dog Day?!

Welcome February and all your mixed precipitation this morning! I guess the freezing rain and sleet is a nice change of pace! We can now only turn to our friend Punxsutawney Phil for a favorable outcome on Ground Hog's Day tomorrow! I pray for cloud cover so when Phil emerges he will not be scared off by his shadow and predict a hasty end to all this winter madness! Though I got to thinking what would Ozzie predict. He would be the perfect canine barometer for the weather. I can see him rising from his lair ( the couch ) and making an announcement "Ahem, I feel that I have not had enough nap time so I declare there will be 6 more weeks of Winter!" Hm, maybe not! I guess lets leave the seasonal prediction to the Ground Hogs! Go back to sleep Ozzie!