Finally Friday or Flag Friday!

Here we are again facing another weekend and its off to an unusually warm start!They predict it will hit 68 degrees today! Of course winter weather will resume on Saturday. That's okay I'll take it no matter how temporary it is!
Yesterday I finally took down my Charlie Brown Christmas garden flag that adorned my front yard. It was time for sure but what to replace it with?! It seems too early for Spring themes with Robins and cute little bunnies! So I searched on line for a bulldog garden flag and found a few on Amazon. They were a little more than I wanted to spend on a garden flag
( with shipping its about 21.95 ) but then again I have not seen them in stores and they are so darn cute. I decided to get the bullie with the peace sign/flower power background wearing a beret. Though the site indicated that it was a new item and could take up to 4 - 6 weeks to ship. By that time it will be Easter and I will have to put up the bunny flag!

Ozzie plans to hang out on the deck today and take an outdoor nap versus his indoor nap! Other than napping he has no plans for the weekend.
Here's hoping your weekend is a little more exciting than Ozzie's!


  1. The flag is adora-bull and almost looks like the Oz :)


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