Clean at Last!

Yesterday was Ozzie's day at the groomers. He was long over do and smelled like the back end of a horse! As usual I have to leave a half hour before the appointment ( even though it's 5 minute ride! ) in order to bribe and cajole him into the car! Once we got there he cowered in the corner as the groomer approached and then had to be dragged in to the bath area! Sorry Oz! You will thank me after its over, so will the rest of humanity! Once the trauma passed I returned to pick up Ozzie who was fresh as a daisy! I paid at the register then decided to take Ozzie over to the veterinarian office located in the Petsmart to use their scale. Ozzie happily plopped on the stainless steel platform and the digital read out started to fly! "Oh my what number will it land on?" I wondered with horror! It was kind of like Wheel of Fortune. Maybe more like Wheel of Misfortune! It finally stopped at 82.6 pounds. OMG! "Ozzie this is the heaviest you have ever been!" Ozzie didn't care! He looked to me for a treat because he got on the scale with a single command. As we waddled away from the scale a woman with a German Shepard was waiting nearby. I started to make small talk with her as Ozzie dutifully smelled the Shepard's butt. "I just can't seem to keep his weight down." I said in defense to her disapproving gaze at Oz's girth. "I only feed my dog one cup of food a day." declared the Shepard woman. "One cup!?" "Ozzie would never settle for that little bit of food, I thought...his metabolism would not allow it!" "I guess we need to work on his diet some more." I offered. Ozzie turned his backside to the conversation. His ego could stand no more. Neither could mine! Don't worry Ozzie, Spring is just around the corner and we will snap back into shape. "Ozzie? Where did he go?! Ozzie was well on his way, heading for the dog treat aisle with a smile on his face!


  1. Oh Ozzie! I think your weight is mostly muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, right? If it makes you feel any better Honey Ham is on a diet too. She is getting ready for bathing suit season.

    Honey is being fed once a day and is OK with it. She really has willpower. Too bad her mommy doesn't! Good luck Oz!


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