A Beaming Scotty Wins Best in Show!

I was intent on watching the entire WKC dog show last night. I got through the Hounds and fell asleep on the Terriers! Ozzie blissfully snored through the entire event!

I was glad to see this morning that a Scottish Deerhound from Virginia named Hickory won best in show. It's the first time a Deerhound has won the coveted prize!
Hickory will be making a trip to the top of the Empire State building today which will be lit up tonight in purple and gold in honor of all the dogs in Westminster Kennel Club dog show. She will also be treated to a steak dinner at the famous Sardi's restaurant later on. Yum!

I asked Ozzie what he thought of Hickory the long legged winner. He said she was too tall for his taste but not a bad choice overall. Yeah I guess Ozzie would need a step ladder to see eye to eye with the prize pooch.

Meanwhile we think a hint of Spring may be in the air. The next two days it is suppose to go into the 50's and 60's! It's only temporary but we will gladly take it after the winter weather we have been through!

Have a wonderful Wednesday all!


  1. We thought that Deerhound was pretty interesting, but we agree with Ozzie. That was one tall doggie and a female, too. Do you suppose the males are even taller. We had fun watching Westminster, but we're glad it's over. It was VERY hard staying up that late.


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