Monday, December 22, 2014

Merchandise Monday

Count down to Christmas is now a mere 2 days and there is sill so much to do but as I was in Marshall's today shopping for gifts I could not resist and bought this lovable shiny bulldog to take home for my very own!

He now has a prominent place on my mantle among all the holiday festive decor! For only $7.99 it was the best thing I bought this shopping season so far!

Good luck in finishing up whatever you have left to do! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Merchandise Monday

With less than 10 days to Christmas and a mere day left until Hanuka the pressure is on to finish one's gift shopping! I have here a board game that's sure to win the hearts of anyone who loves bulldogs and a challenging game of Monopoly. It's Bulldog-opoly!

Providing hours of great family fun it can be purchased through Amazon for a mere $25.00!

Last night we took our yearly trip to visit the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.  It was it's usual majestic awesomeness! A lot of folks from all over the world come to see it every year and it's quite the site! It's still a great treat for me no matter how many times we have done it, and it makes the holiday season complete!

Nala has been extra specially good lately! I guess she wants her Christmas presents in a big way!

Here's hoping your shopping is going well and you find time to enjoy the upcoming holidays with family and friends!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Merchandise Monday

I am just typing away as Nala is barking up a storm here in the kitchen. What she has to say is not really clear since I am not too fluent in bulldog! It's starting to get a bit annoying but I guess negative attention is as good as any!

I was looking for a pair of bulldog socks and I found them on Amazon and the same ones on BA  They look pretty snazzy and I would think any bulldog aficionado would be proud to wear them at only $10.99!

 The next item I have tonight is an exclusive and may be the fashion statement of the year! It's an ador-a-bull tote bag featuring you know who!

Who wouldn't want to carry books and things in this versatile tote bearing the face of such a beauty! This one is going to make a Christmas gift for someone special!

Well I better continue my online Christmas shopping since there is only 16 days, 3 hours, 35 minutes and 23 seconds..22 seconds...21 well you know!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday Merchandise

As cyber Monday comes to a close I must confess that I have not bought a of yet! The night is still young and the keyboard beckons for me to troll the internet for some deals, though I feel the deals will be there tomorrow and the next day after that.

I did stumble upon a Christmas bulldog item for all good bullies to hang by the chimney with's a bulldog Christmas stocking. It  has a cutie of a bulldog pictured on it and you can get it personalized with your dog's name ....provided your dog's name doesn't have more than 7 letters! Here's the link...

Now I must go back to my shopping...what to get for Auntie Martha who thinks it's still 1983...and what about cousin Gino in the penitentiary , what goes well with prison garb? Hmmm why can't everyone be as easy as Nala to shop for!

"Yeah what's the matter people...don't you like bullies sticks...I could chew on this all day!"

Happy shopping all!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Fallout

I hope everyone had a wonderfully happy and tummy satisfying Thanksgiving! We hosted the holiday and had a house full of people and dogs!

Rosie the mini- Australian Sheppard was back for a visit and a new dog member of the family, Omaha the lab mix who is only a 6 month old puppy rescued from a kill-shelter from down in North Carolina by my brother and sister in-law!

Still a young pup he did his best to wear out Nala by constantly wrestling and gnawing on her. Rosie being too smart for that nonsense artfully escaped his unwanted advances!

Nala who is always game for some rough housing was glad to see him leave at the end of the evening. Though he did leave a parting gift in my bedroom of a strategically placed poop on my husbands side of the bed!

We were to find out the next morning as my sister-in-law posted on Facebook that they went to a friends home after our house and Omaha made a break for it! He ended up in "dog jail" at the local pound only to be bailed out sometime later on Friday morning! Dog obedience school is in this dog's future!

Now I must go and enjoy the much anticipated relaxing on the couch evening with Nala by my side......hoping you all decided to do the same and shop some other Friday!  

Peace to all!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Merchandise Monday

So sorry folks... I have been terrible about setting time for myself to keep up this blog. I am sure you all have been out there wandering the internet highway just waiting for my next post! Actually I was too busy enjoying the 70 degree day we had here in the NYC area, though it will be quickly forgotten when the snow comes in on Wednesday!

Here is my must have bulldog item for the week. I found this on the ever popular Etsy web site. 

It's a whimsical picture of bulldogs taking a ride in a Volkswagon bus. You gotta love the faces on these bullies! It comes in a 11 x 14 print and there are some other pics that this particular artist does of bullies and pugs that are real cute. Oh...wait my husband just pointed out that all the bulldogs are giving the "finger". I thought they meant bulldogs are number one! Oh well it's still cute!

Have a good night and I'll get back to you all before Thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Celebrating Veterans Day

Thank you to all that have served this great country. It is much appreciated.

Also to all animals that have stood side by side with our veterans, thank you and God bless!

We are proud of all of you!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Merchandise Monday

Monday has come around again! An evil necessity to get closer to Friday I suppose. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Nala certainly enjoyed herself. She is just always full of fun! She was visited by Bruce our landscaper on Saturday who played with her before he did the lawn ( it's mandatory of course!) then she ran over to our neighbor's Al and Clare and got several dog biscuits and then went for a walk with her friend Katie! Sunday was just more of the same. Ah it's good to be Nala!

Here is my bulldog item find of the week. A 14K gold bulldog pendant.  At $1423.00 it's a bit on the pricey side but one can always put it on their Christmas wish list and dream!

Kinda cute ...looks just like Nala who is my little gold bullie! I can't tell them apart! 

Have a good week all! Peace!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Merchandise Mondays

So another Halloween has come and gone. There weren't as many kids as in previous years but enough to keep Nala entertained. She ran to the door so many times that she was quite pooped at the end of the evening! In between the trick-or-treaters I caught Nala snacking on a package of Swizzlers licorice sticks! Yikes! You really have to keep an eye on them to make sure that they don't get into any candy!  I am sure the veterinarians office is busy enough without a visit from us!

The item for Merchandise Monday is a find from a friend mine who spotted this at Lowes. It's a bulldog garden statue. At $29.98 it's a steel! I wonder how Nala will feel about a life size bulldog that doesn't move or bark? Not much competition there huh?

Link item of the day for Merchandise Monday

Have a good week all!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tell it to me Tuesday!

Today we experienced one of the last warmish waning days of autumn. Enjoy it Nala, they are far and few left before winter rears its ugly head. This Saturday November 1st the MABR BullyPalooza is scheduled to take place at the Wonderbar in Asbury Park. It looks like the weather is not going to cooperate. With rain and wind and temps in the 40's predicted,it may be a wash out!

Lets hope for the best and appreciate the good weather while we have it!


Monday, October 27, 2014

Merchandise Monday

This weekend was mostly devoted to painting the living-room...several times! Seems that we lack the ability to choose the color of paint that suits our home! We are now on our third color and hopefully our last. We started off with what I thought would be a warm orangey autumn like color...that turned into a frightening Jack-o-Lantern orange! Yikes back to Sherwin Williams paint store...there we selected a sunny yellow that would lean towards the gold side of the color spectrum.....nope! It was a rubber duckie yellow that required sunglasses just to enter the room. Now we have purchased a very subtle green called Shagreen......that "sha" work. Today we were able to prime the wall with white primer to cover up that awful yellow and during the week we will get the new color up on the walls! What a struggle it is to pick a out the right color paint! Just beware that the swatches in the paint store are deceiving! They must purposely do that so you will return for more paint after each selection gone wrong! Or maybe we are both color blind! Certainly Nala must be wondering what the heck is going on. Since dogs aren't the best in distinguishing colors she must think all the colors we pick were just fine to her!

"Looks okay to me!"

So I said last week that I would feature each Monday a bulldog product, so here we go. I found this cute garden flag that could be hung out for the upcoming winter season. I must say I love my garden flags and if I can find one with a bulldog I am having it!

Here is the link for purchasing it :

Halloween is this Friday so hopefully we will have a bunch of trick-or treaters at our door and one tired bulldog by the end of the night! Pictures to follow!

Have a good week and peace to all!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Shopping Mondays!

Check this out ...found this on Amazon only $8.99! 

I think every Monday I will post a bulldog related item that I have found on the internet or shopping elsewhere! After all if you love bulldogs you can't get enough of that bulldog stuff!

Right Nala!? "If you say so? Though I prefer bullie sticks myself!"

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Renovations and Ear Revelations

Sorry I have been away from the blog-o-sphere world of late...just not making time for it, my bad! So we been going through a deck renovation and it's almost complete! We are about 90 % done. Well maybe 85%! Plus they have to install two gates one on either side of the yard. We had these make shift gates that were eyesores but effective in keeping Nala in the yard! Nala just loves the carpenters who come everyday. She has to give them her usual wag-a-wag greeting and get petted by them. I wonder what she will think when they are done and not part of her morning ritual?! 

In between all that Nala had an ear infection. She has been pretty good since she hasn't had one since April.I noticed she was mopey the other day and not her usual peppy puppy self. When I went to pet her head by her ear she moved quickly away and on further examination her ear definitely seemed red and smelled funky! To the vet we went and sure enough a yeast infection in both ears. The vet cleaned them out and put in some Mometamax and give her a shot of hydro-cortisone Dexamethasone to help treat inflammation and an anti-fungal drug to take orally. She is doing much better now and after the ear med treatment I have to be very dilligent about cleaning her ears. Bulldogs are just more prone to ear infections. Below is a YouTube video to cleaning your bullies ears. It was just how the vet showed us and hopefully we can keep her ears in good shape going forward!

In the meanwhile we are thinking about Halloween and what we should be for the trick or treaters this year! Since she hates anything on her head I need to think of something simple. Any thoughts?

Have a good week!

Peace to all!

Keep those ears clean people!

Nala supervising!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Paper bags may taste good but they don't go through ones digestive system very easily! Just ask Nala who apparently ate some of this bag and ...well had some problems pooping it out. Lets just say without being to graphic that she was walking around with a paper tail! I was like the magician who pulls the endless hanker-chief out of his sleeve. Eww!

With that lovely visual I wish you a joyful Tuesday!

Love the pics in this link, "The Top Ten Reasons Owing an English Bulldog is the Coolest Things Ever!"

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Summer Gone? Saturday

The weather is especially cool out this morning, in the low 60's and it feels like summer is on its way out! Nala doesn't mind! Bulldogs do better in the cooler temps!

This morning was already filled with excitement! Our landscapers Chris and Bruce came to cut the lawn early to beat out the rain. They are both "dog people" and Nala loves them! She gets all kinds of attention and hugs from them! To double the fun the local junior football team came by collecting contributions for the new season and Nala was able to squeeze out some loving from them too!

Oh what a day and it ain't over yet!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Deck Developments

Life has been a little bit busy as of late, sorry I haven't posted anything in a while! The latest development is that our deck has been torn down and we anticipating the new deck to go up in its place in the next several weeks. 

The old wood has been carted away to the dump except for a large pile that still remains and there are 6 large holes in the ground that are set for the new support poles. They have to be inspected by the building department in town and once they give it the green light they will go ahead and fill them with cement and set the poles in them.Then we are putting in a deck made from a composite material that is essentially wood and plastic combination that is pretty much maintenance free. 

Nala's world is a bit upside down and she is not quite understanding where the deck went and what is going on in her little back yard! This morning she was barking at the holes in the ground and wanted to fill them up with dirt! We have to watch her now when she's out there and make sure she isn't getting into any mischief! 

Meanwhile the weather cooled down today and you can just smell autumn in the air!

Have a good week and peace to all!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Social Sunday

We have been experiencing freakishly cool weather here in the northeast this summer ! With that we have been enjoying more outings with Nala. As you might know temperatures above 70 F are not preferred by bulldogs who do not tolerate heat well.

In our many walks we have been meeting more neighborhood dogs and Nala has been tagged as the official social butterfly of the block.

Walking a dog allows one access into a specific social group and you get to meet a nice bunch of folks that you wouldn't normally. As for Nala it's all about the smell. If she can't sniff your back side you will never become her friend!

Only one week left to the official end of the summer season! Enjoy what's left and go out there and walk the dog!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Nala Loves Dirt Sunday

Nala has so much fun in this flower box that I kinda hate to see it go when we tear down this deck! Maybe I should get a kiddy sand box and fill it with dirt to keep her happy?! Such a goofy girl!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Finally Friday

"Yea it's finally Friday! One long week! Mom is working full time now, but she comes home for lunch every day! Then I get to play in my dirt box!"

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014

Finally Friday

A quick shopping trip to Marshalls snagged the items below:

Nala will look sporty in her new Yankee collar while her Dad sips coffee happily in his bullie mug!

Good Weekend All!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday's Recipe

One of Nala's favorite summertime treats are her frozen yogurt cubes. Easy peasy to make they are a refreshing treat especially after a walk!

Ingredients you will need:

1 cup of organic plain yogurt

1 pint of (organic if you can!) blueberries 

You can use most other fruits, try strawberries or bananas!

Mix in blender until well incorporated

pour into ice cube trays and cover with plastic wrap, freeze

There you have them! 

"Yogurt treats! Yummo!"

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sunny Saturday

What a beautiful morning! Why can't the weather stay like this every day? We don't need those other seasons!

Nala likes to climb up onto the bench on the deck and then into the flower box. Luckily we took out the flowers since we are removing the deck and rebuilding a new one this summer.

Too bad the new deck will not include the features that Nala enjoys so much. Maybe we should just leave a box of dirt on the deck for her. Like a big sand box to play in!