Merchandise Monday

This weekend was mostly devoted to painting the living-room...several times! Seems that we lack the ability to choose the color of paint that suits our home! We are now on our third color and hopefully our last. We started off with what I thought would be a warm orangey autumn like color...that turned into a frightening Jack-o-Lantern orange! Yikes back to Sherwin Williams paint store...there we selected a sunny yellow that would lean towards the gold side of the color spectrum.....nope! It was a rubber duckie yellow that required sunglasses just to enter the room. Now we have purchased a very subtle green called Shagreen......that "sha" work. Today we were able to prime the wall with white primer to cover up that awful yellow and during the week we will get the new color up on the walls! What a struggle it is to pick a out the right color paint! Just beware that the swatches in the paint store are deceiving! They must purposely do that so you will return for more paint after each selection gone wrong! Or maybe we are both color blind! Certainly Nala must be wondering what the heck is going on. Since dogs aren't the best in distinguishing colors she must think all the colors we pick were just fine to her!

"Looks okay to me!"

So I said last week that I would feature each Monday a bulldog product, so here we go. I found this cute garden flag that could be hung out for the upcoming winter season. I must say I love my garden flags and if I can find one with a bulldog I am having it!

Here is the link for purchasing it :

Halloween is this Friday so hopefully we will have a bunch of trick-or treaters at our door and one tired bulldog by the end of the night! Pictures to follow!

Have a good week and peace to all!


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