Monday, September 23, 2019

Happy Fall Y'All!

Yes it's here, the first day of autumn! Though by the thermometer in my car you wouldn't guess it!

A sign of global warming? Maybe! A hot day in September...…..heck yeah!

Have a good week folks, get back at you soon!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Ear Reflections

Another summer is coming to a close, too quickly I might add. Nala and Sylva are doing fine. A couple of visits to the vet for ear infections and skin irritations. The norm I suppose!

I recently switched their kibble from Zignature to Canidae. I was concerned with the news about grain free diets and their link to heart failure in dogs.  I expressed my concerns to my vet and she felt that the evidence was not strong enough to support taking them off their current diet but since Zignature was number 2 on the list I thought I would play it safe. Besides its good to change it up for them every now and then. They seem to like as well so we will stick with it for a while!

"Nala holding still for a ear clean out, Good girl!"

With the weather cooling down we will be spending some more time outdoors, maybe some apple picking or cornfield mazes or maybe just some more snoozing on the backyard deck!

Fall y'all! See you soon!