Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Best Wishes for the New Year 2020

Well hello out there. Yes it's been too long since I last posted a thing or two! Nala and Sylva have been doing well. No issues to complain about. It seems during the cold weather skin irritations are minimal at best. We just had a quick visit to the vets the other day to get Sylva's rabies vaccination. Dog license renewal in town is in January and their rabies vaccine has to be up to date in order to get issued a new license for 2020. Nala's is due the end of November so since she is covered for the majority of the year she is good to go!

Personally I am glade the holiday stuff is behind us. It's always stressful, and hits the wallet hard. Though this past year wasn't too bad. We traveled a bit and had some good times with family and friends that I am very grateful for. Our health has been good which is a biggie.

If you tune into the news you are bound to see a lot of tragedy and suffering. The world can seem like a crazy place at times. I have taken the opportunity at the end of this year to contribute to a local no kill animal rescue organization. It's wasn't a lot but maybe if we all can volunteer our time or contribute a few bucks, we can put a dent into someone's suffering.

In the meanwhile I look forward to 2020, another chance to be our best selves and maybe make a difference in some small way!

Health, happiness to all!

Happy New Year from Nala & Sylva!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Almost Friday and a Turn for the Best!

Another week has flown by and Halloween is literally around the corner! I haven't thought much about costumes for Nala and Sylva this year since they have proven to be not big fans of wearing them! Nala just refuses to have anything on her head and gives me the stink eye when I approach her with something slightly resembling a costume. However our first bulldog Ozzie was less fussy with the dressing up thing, I think he thought himself quite dapper when he donned his pirate costume one year! Argh good ole Ozzie boy!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    o                                                                      Sylva has recovered quite well from his recent skin infection. I am not sure if it's a change in the weather or whatever allergens that lurk about but when he get's it, it's bad!
His belly turns a scarlet red and crusty bumps appear randomly on his back and sides. A visit to the vet was necessary. She put him on a course of anti-biotics and we were sent home with some medicated shampoo and instructed to bathe him 2 to 3 times a week. We have been hauling him off to the local Pet Plus and making use of their do it yourself dirty dog special. Five washes for $25.00! All of our scrubbing and adding an essential oil that our vet gave us, Melaleuca  oil, more commonly known as tea tree oil, has paid off! I have also been giving him an allergy supplement that contains probiotics, omegas and colostrum. 

So now that he is all better I am sure it's Nala's turn for something !! Be well all!

                                                            Syl tolerating the tub!                       

Sunday, October 6, 2019

A wonderful weekend is coming to a close. Tomorrow Monday rears it's ugliness upon us but at least the doggies got out for a bit and enjoyed some fall weather. Nothing spells happiness like a ride in the car with the wind flowing through your jowls!

Have a good week friends!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Happy Fall Y'All!

Yes it's here, the first day of autumn! Though by the thermometer in my car you wouldn't guess it!

A sign of global warming? Maybe! A hot day in September...…..heck yeah!

Have a good week folks, get back at you soon!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Ear Reflections

Another summer is coming to a close, too quickly I might add. Nala and Sylva are doing fine. A couple of visits to the vet for ear infections and skin irritations. The norm I suppose!

I recently switched their kibble from Zignature to Canidae. I was concerned with the news about grain free diets and their link to heart failure in dogs. https://ourpetshealth.com/info/is-grain-free-dog-food-killing-our-pets.  I expressed my concerns to my vet and she felt that the evidence was not strong enough to support taking them off their current diet but since Zignature was number 2 on the list I thought I would play it safe. Besides its good to change it up for them every now and then. They seem to like as well so we will stick with it for a while!

"Nala holding still for a ear clean out, Good girl!"

With the weather cooling down we will be spending some more time outdoors, maybe some apple picking or cornfield mazes or maybe just some more snoozing on the backyard deck!

Fall y'all! See you soon!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Spring Fever

So here we are fast forward to spring. Over the last few months we had our share of vet visits between Nala and Sylva. 

Sylva had somehow mystically injured his right rear leg and was hopping around like a contender in a three legged race one Sunday. We took him to the vet that next day and after palpating the injured limb and a x-ray our vet determined it was most likely a cruciate ligament tear. ( only definitively diagnosed with an MRI ) but all indications that was it.  ( I can only imagine how much a MRI would cost! Yikes$ ) He was prescribed an anti-inflammatory and some pain meds and I was told to have him rest. Ha! Rest....for Sylva that is next to impossible but we tried. He then had a half dozen laser therapy treatments to aid in the healing. Yes luckily today he is much better, but will still favor that leg now and then and we do not take him on long walks much to his chagrin! Short of surgery there is not much else and we are just hoping that in time it will improve. In the meanwhile I will continue to contribute to my Christmas club which is really a savings for my veterinarians new Volvo!

Then there was Nala......ugh a story for my next posting.... Cheers all!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Christmas time is here,... what..aready!?

Yes folks it's finally the weekend and only 4 days until Christmas! I am still pondering how this happened upon us so quickly but here it is again! Of course I am in my usual spot of behind the eight ball with gifts and such but that is the norm. To make things even more stressful I lost my keys but lets not get derailed with that dilemma. 

Nala has been constantly whining and I am pretty sure it's mainly for attention. Meanwhile Sylva has also been pining away for his pop who has been out of town a couple of days. No one appreciates the mom who does all the dirty work. Though when it comes dinner time I am a celebrity around here! 
I have attached a link for 10 things you can do to keep your pet safe during the holidays. My personal recommendation is to monitor carefully relatives who feel it's okay to share their piece of chocolate cream pie with the dog. If you don't it may result in a all nighter cleaning up unidentifiable piles of poop/vomit!


From our family to yours wishing you all a joyous Christmas and a happy New Year!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Finally Friday and Saving Sullivan

Whoa this week swept by like a rushing river! Before you know it, it's going to  be Thanksgiving and the holiday season! I am as usual stunned by this fact and like a deer in headlights have not a direction planned for escape! So I began with sending out an email to the usual suspects to invite them all for Thanksgiving dinner. Luckily I have already hit the $400.00 mark at Shop-Rite which entitles me to a free turkey! Though it is the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dining I need to start planning the rest of the meal! I have had Thanksgiving dinner at least a dozen times but it still perplexes me how to pull it off without the usual hitches!

Sylva has taken a liken to sitting right in front of the sink so as not to miss a scrape of food that may come his way. This is going to be difficult with the holidays and there is not a place to put him except outside in the cold which I won't do. Looks like his Pop will have to be herding him and Nala out into the back 40 on days I am busy in the kitchen!

Today we came across a lost dog on our street. We were headed off to the local Lowes store when we spotted a yellow Lab casually  sniffing at a neighbors front lawn. I immediately screamed out to my husband to stop the car and carefully approached the wandering canine. He seemed friendly enough and came right over to me. Though he had no ID tag he did have a tag with an 800 number for a"Return them home" organization. Fumbling for my phone and glasses I called and the service rep who informed me that the number on the tag told him the dog's name was Sullivan. He was going to contact the owner and then call me back. In the meantime it started to rain and I didn't want to let our wayward friend  run off. I calmly enticed him into the car and he was more than happy to step out of the rain! As we drove up to the front of our house we noticed a boy briskly jogging down the street. We called out and asked him if he lost his dog and sure enough ...yup he was looking for his Lab! So we met Sean and Sullivan today who happened to live right down the block from us! Sneaky Sullivan managed to slide out the back door when no one was looking. It's good he had the tag with the 800 number but it would of been helpful if he also had one with his name and address and the owner's cell phone number.

Oh well, all is good and the weekend is here! Wishing you all a peaceful, productive weekend!

"So what's for dinner Mom?"

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Long Time No Me

So it's been a while since I have posted anything to my blog. I shamelessly admit I have been either too busy or too tired at night to sit in front of the computer and think. My apologies.

In the meanwhile Nala and Syla have been good. Sylva has transitioned into the fall season with his usual dermatitis. It has started to calm down and with a good bath he may just smell acceptable again!

Nala is very whiney lately. I am a little rusty with my bulldog translation but I think she is just demanding more attention! She will typically lie on her couch ( and I mean her couch ) and do that whiney bulldog thing until someone comes over and pets her. My husband over indulges her. He will pick her up and have her sit on his lap and look at the computer with him. Hopefully he hasn't given her my password to my Amazon account! I am not sure what has sparked this endless need for attention. Perhaps just a phase, time will tell.

That's all for now, I need to start slowly as I get back into blogland. I don't want to trigger my carpal tunnel and then I couldn't go to work tomorrow. Hmm not a bad idea...

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tired on Tuesday!

It's been months since my last posting! My old laptop finally gave in and froze up, where it still remains in a cryogenic coma under my bed! My new Lenovo is quite nice but I am still trying to master the learning curve of Windows 10!

In the meanwhile Nala and Sylva are fine! The summer past by like a wink of an eye and here we are staring down at October..just about! We went to the vet last week for a double appointment. Nala had her wellness check up and Sylva was due for his distemper shot. We made a late evening 8:10 PM appointment which worked out well. No one was there in the waiting room and the two of them had the run of the place! Of course we had our side issues, Nala had an infected face wrinkle and Syl his usual belly dermatitis. They were well behaved patients though and received several treats for their good behavior! Hey no matter what happens at the veterinarians stays at the veterinarians ...once you get the treats the bad stuff is all behind you!

Hope to see you all back here ...same bulldogs same blog!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

New Look Thursday

I haven't posted in a way long time so I decided with a new post should come a new look! I am trying this new theme that blogger recently introduced to see how it flows and any comments are welcomed. 

So we are greeting a new season, spring is upon us! At last free from winters harshness the doggies are out on the deck and sunning themselves in all their glory! Whoa wait though ...so come the seasonal allergies. Turns out that Sylva is very allergy prone. Hot spots erupt all over his skinny body! Not that Nala is immune to this, she does get an occasional rash. My friend who knows her dogs recommended using chamomile tea to relieve their itch. I am not suggesting having tea late in the afternoon on grandma's porch but brewed tea in a spray bottle ! I have 3 teabags currently steeping in two cups of hot water! Once it cools down I will fill up my spray bottle and try it out. Worst case if it doesn't work out, it's all natural and can't do any harm other than make them want some crumpets! I will check in and let you know how it works out! Here is a link to some info on the benefits of chamomile for dogs. http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/german-chamomile-a-bit-of-herbal-sunshine-for-you-and-your-dog/

Happy Easter and Happy Passover all!


Nala and Sylva

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thursday, Snow Day!

So the ongoing foster failure and adoption of Sylva is going well. He has found his place and Nala is all good with him. Though they don't actually play together they do harmoniously exist side by side. Sylva is a aggressive chewer and will gleefully chew on a rubber ball all day! Nala is the passive observer and still maintains sole ownership of the living room couch! 

Today we had at least a half foot of snow or more that caused schools and most businesses to close in the New York city tri-state area. It always looks pretty from the inside out but when the storm is over and you have to dig out ...well it's not so pretty then.

Nala and Sylva like to run laps in the fresh snow but it's always a quick out and in for them!

Here is Nala giving us her fastest sprint to date! Enjoy!