Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Best Wishes for the New Year 2020

Well hello out there. Yes it's been too long since I last posted a thing or two! Nala and Sylva have been doing well. No issues to complain about. It seems during the cold weather skin irritations are minimal at best. We just had a quick visit to the vets the other day to get Sylva's rabies vaccination. Dog license renewal in town is in January and their rabies vaccine has to be up to date in order to get issued a new license for 2020. Nala's is due the end of November so since she is covered for the majority of the year she is good to go!

Personally I am glade the holiday stuff is behind us. It's always stressful, and hits the wallet hard. Though this past year wasn't too bad. We traveled a bit and had some good times with family and friends that I am very grateful for. Our health has been good which is a biggie.

If you tune into the news you are bound to see a lot of tragedy and suffering. The world can seem like a crazy place at times. I have taken the opportunity at the end of this year to contribute to a local no kill animal rescue organization. It's wasn't a lot but maybe if we all can volunteer our time or contribute a few bucks, we can put a dent into someone's suffering.

In the meanwhile I look forward to 2020, another chance to be our best selves and maybe make a difference in some small way!

Health, happiness to all!

Happy New Year from Nala & Sylva!

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