Clean as a Whistle!

Ozzie survived another bath yesterday! As usual he wasn't too happy when we arrived at the Petsmart groomers but he was delighted when I came to take him home. He swaggered out of the grooming area looking quite dapper. Stopping at each of the cashiers to get a treat he revealed in his new cleanliness. I decided to take him over to the veterinarian area to use their scale. Anticipating some more weight gain at the very least. Ozzie very willingly got up on the scale. I took a deep breath and watched the numbers soar. Hm, 82.4 pounds....he weighed 82.6 last time. It is weight loss no matter how minuscule! Hope this is a trend! We will continue to work it!


  1. Ohhhh Ozzie, Zoe thinks you are a handsome fellow no matter how much you weigh. Spring is here so you'll be able to get out and get some exercise.

  2. :-) Whoa! He's a big boy! I didn't realize how big he is! A lot to love...

  3. I hope you subtracted the weight of his collar, harness and leash! He is probably in the 70's without all his accessories : )


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