Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Turning Four Tuesday

Our Nala girl turns 4 years old today! That means we have had her for 2 years now! Time flies doesn't it?! Other than getting a couple of extra treats today and her usual uber loving...nothing special in terms of celebration. I have been stuck home for a week with a wicked cold and today was my first day back at work. Quite honestly I still don't feel 100 percent yet so I guess by the weekend I will get myself out there and buy a special present(s) for Nala!

This evening is the last night for catching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Tonight events are the Junior Showmanship, sporting, working, terrier groups and BEST IN SHOW. You can watch it on USA network or stream it if you are on the west coast.

Though a bulldog did not win the non-sporting group as I hoped, a stylish standard poodle named Dawin Hearts on Fire took the prize. You can always watch the video for the best in breed for the bullies at:


Meanwhile hope all of you are making it through this cold snowy winter! Hang in there spring is only 30 days away!

"I tell everyone I am 3 years old so don't blab my real age!"

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday

Unfortunately I have been home sick for the last 4 days with some kind of virus that initially left me speechless then settled into some kind of upper respiratory infection! After getting the flu shot and taking multiple supplements, eating well blah blah I get this! I am sure when I went to the doctors the other week for some routine blood work that I picked up someones cooties in the waiting room...which they should call it the "catch a cootie room"!

Nala is the only one truly benefiting from my illness since she has me all to herself! What a shock it will be when I go back to work!

Pictures below are of Nala and her newest companion. I know she wants a baby brother but this isn't what she had in mind. You can tell by the lack of excitement on her face that she is not digging this fake brother dog!