Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Bound Tuesday

One of my most difficult issues with traveling is leaving Nala behind. Though she is in good hands at home with Grand-paw, it's not the same for her as when we are there with her. I imagine that she is lonely for us and whimpers all day! They may not be the case at all but I know when we return it is a joyous reunion!

We went on a ski trip with our ski club to Engleberg Switzerland which is a sleepy little ski village nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps. It was beautiful scenery and the skiing was great but I couldn't help but think of her every day and feel a pang of guilt leaving her for a whole week. Well we both survived, I with no skiing mishap and Nala was no worst for the wear without her Mom and Pop!

Today is an official snow day. The northeast of the US was bracing for a blizzard which turned into an average snow storm for most of us. With several inches of snow over night and still some light snow this morning we can gleefully watch it from the window! 

No one is more happier than Nala. She loves romping through the snow and the bonus is that we are both home for the day with her!

Remember to wipe your dogs paws off after walking outside in order to remove any salts or other anti-icing chemicals and if they tolerate booties use them. I use a ice melter called "Safe Paws". There are several on the market you can purchase, though a little more expensive they are worth it!

Here is a link to some good cold weather tips from the ASPCA concerning your pets:


Magnificent views in Switzerland

Magnificent fun for Nala