Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas to All!

To all our friends out there in internetland, Nala and I want to wish you a joyful Christmas! We pray for peace on earth and good will to mankind and to animals!

Let's hope that all dogs that are homeless find their forever home and our thanks to be fortunate enough to have Nala come into our lives!

Merry Christmas and enjoy the day.

Feliz Navidade

Buon Natale
С Рождеством
Frohe Weihnacten
Joyeux Noel
Wesolych Swiat

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter Wednesday

Yup, you guessed it! More of the white stuff in our area yesterday. To Nala the world is just one giant snow cone!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Simply Sunday and let it Snow!

Sorry I haven't been around much lately! My boss has been out for 2 weeks with an injured back and I have been working extra hours in order to full in for her. Yikes, what crazy time of year for me but the extra money helps for the holidays! All I need is the time to go spend it! Nala has been wondering what's up with me coming home late every day. I don't think she cares for it but it seems to be only a temporary condition, and soon enough I will be back to my old schedule.

The weather this weekend certainly has kept us home with at least 6 inches of snow that started early Saturday morning and with more ahead in the forecast for Tuesday we will be giving our shovels a work out! (and our aching backs) At least Nala loves the snow. She can't wait to run around the yard in the white stuff.....she has a blast out there! It's hard to get her to come in!

Right now she is peacefully snoring away on the couch as I do a little bit of on line shopping. I put a bid in for a decanter that is in the shape of a bulldog dressed in a  football uniform. It's really cute and I hope I get it but I have found out that on Ebay the shipping can be more than the item you purchase...and sometimes a lot more! They also don't give you a choice of a cheaper/different shipping method so I am not too pleased with that!

"C'mon in Nala it's almost dinner time!"

Have a good week all and happy shopping!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday and The Trouble with Turkey!

We had an enjoyable Thanksgiving here at our home and a relaxing weekend...sort of . There were a gathering at our house of 20 people and things got quite hectic. Trying to get everything on the table at once and coordinating it with the turkeys ( one 13 lb er and one 8 lb breast) was a bit challenging. Everyone was having so much fun talking and noshing and drinking that it was difficult to corral them to the dinner table! Next year it's going to be a buffet for sure! The whole turkey is cooked up on our gas grill using the rotisserie attachment. I must say it came out the best ever this year with hat's off to our good friend Vinnie who man's the grill! 

Nala enjoyed the festivities and was the bell of the ball sort to speak. It was an opportunity for some family members to finally meet her. She was treated by various guests to pieces of turkey. I guess she looked so cute and hungry folks couldn't resist! But each eager guest didn't realize that she probably already had 15 pieces of turkey before they gave her one!

That night the rumbling began. Nala was sleeping her little bed in my room when I awoke around 4:30 AM to the sounds of Nala's stomach doing the 1812 Overture. I was waiting for any minute to make the mad dash with her to the back yard. She manage to hold out until 7:00 AM when I took her outside to have her holiday diarrhea! Yes a few pieces of turkey is a great treat, 3 pounds with dressing is a digestive disaster for a dog. Oh well...she was fine after that and just hung out with us as we dragged out the Christmas decorations and put them up this weekend. 

Let the holidays begin!

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and  Hanukkah  this week!

"Come on already..let's have some of that turkey!"

Turkey done up on the rotisserie. Now that's a turkey done right!