Simply Sunday and let it Snow!

Sorry I haven't been around much lately! My boss has been out for 2 weeks with an injured back and I have been working extra hours in order to full in for her. Yikes, what crazy time of year for me but the extra money helps for the holidays! All I need is the time to go spend it! Nala has been wondering what's up with me coming home late every day. I don't think she cares for it but it seems to be only a temporary condition, and soon enough I will be back to my old schedule.

The weather this weekend certainly has kept us home with at least 6 inches of snow that started early Saturday morning and with more ahead in the forecast for Tuesday we will be giving our shovels a work out! (and our aching backs) At least Nala loves the snow. She can't wait to run around the yard in the white stuff.....she has a blast out there! It's hard to get her to come in!

Right now she is peacefully snoring away on the couch as I do a little bit of on line shopping. I put a bid in for a decanter that is in the shape of a bulldog dressed in a  football uniform. It's really cute and I hope I get it but I have found out that on Ebay the shipping can be more than the item you purchase...and sometimes a lot more! They also don't give you a choice of a cheaper/different shipping method so I am not too pleased with that!

"C'mon in Nala it's almost dinner time!"

Have a good week all and happy shopping!


  1. Looks like she just shoveled with her underbite! Love u girls! Xoxox


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